Do women wear makeup due b/c society pressure or they like to?

I am just wondering why women wear makeup: is it due to pressure from society, or the way they have been raised or simply that they like to.

As a crossdresser, I love wearing makeup, b/c it just makes me feel a little bit more confident, yet b/c I am also a "man" I cant wear a red lipstick and walk outside, b/c I am considered wierd.


If women wear makeup b/c society expects them to, does this mean that I as a man should not wear any b/c society does not expect me to.

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    it has nothing to do with society for me ..IT'S JUST FUN! Eye make up makes me eyes look bigger or sexier, lip stick makes them shiny and it's just fun to play around with different colors...because sometimes make-up gives you a different attitude, like when your going out you feel more fun and flirty. I don't always wear make-up.. i never do to work, or feel the need to! I like to look simple and "plain jane" sometimes. It's like why people cut, highlight, perm there hair or go tanning...just makes you feel better!!!!!! If you FEEL BETTER WEARING MAKE-UP...THEN GO FOR IT! YES, PEOPLE MIGHT LOOK AT YOU SILLY...WHO CARES. ALL THAT MATTERS IS HOW YOU FEEL...People "in general" are always looking at people and judging, it's when your insecure about something that you notice it! so do what makes you happy...lifes too short not to feel 100% about yourself!

  • I like to were makeup because it makes me feel feminine. The color on my face lights up my eyes. I have had jobs where I HAD to were makeup because it was required of me. I do not feel the pressure form society to do anything...

    If wearing make up makes you feel good, then so be it. I live near San Francisco and I am very open, and I believe you have the right to do as you see fit to yourself. I don't know where you live, but I hope you have such freedom to express yourself. Go ahead, were that red lipstick, the hell with them that say you can't...

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    DEFINITELY it is due to society's pressure!!! I never wore any makeup until I was in high school and then it wasn't cool...and in college I didn't wear any makeup because I took science and math classes and there were hardly any girls there. And in the workplace I rarely wear makeup because I try to avoid the girls there.

    What I wonder is why cross dressing males always want to look like caricatures of females instead of like most regular women. Most of us women dailly wear pants and shirts or Tshirts and usually no eye makeup or loud lipstick.

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    I'm gonna get a grand load of thumbs down for this, but regardless to popular belief, this is what makes logical sense to me.

    Women wear make up, and dress revealingly, to get attention. Thats it. Here's how it works: a girl puts on makeup in order for people to compliment her on how pretty she is. These compliments make her feel good. Now she's "Confident" that when she steps out in public, people are going to think she looks attractive, which gives her confidence.

    So no, they don't do it just because it makes her feel confident. The core reason is because they want people to acknowledge how pretty they are so they can feel good off of other peoples opinions about them. Confidence is a secondary effect. And it's not because society pressures women to do it. It is because of simple vanity, thats it. Otherwise, they wouldn't choose to do it.

    Let the thumbs down poor.

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    Not really society but its more like the makeup companies who pay celebrities to endorse their products in movies tv and magazines

    dont believe me watch a beauty product ad on tv they always start off with saying "does your skin feel aged worn out then try this product it will make your skin look 5 years younger"

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    I'm a female and I wear make-up because I express myself through it. If society pressured me to, I would stop because I don't like to fit in. I think that some women do it to 'impress people' but not me. I wear it because I think that my clothes and make-up make a statement. And i respect the women that don't wear it.

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    Well if you read your history books men wore makeup long before women did.

    In some cultures the men were expected to look prettier then women....

    Who was the first to make make

    Who were the first to buy make up if not for themselves for there wife

    Society dictates to little girls to look like barbi, or the fashion models who look like sticks with no figures.

    I seen a commercial about a natural soap and how they are trying to teach little girls to love themselves for them, this is bs, just wait till the little girl gets truly introduced into society......

    I have none plenty of men who wore make up, heck they look better then some of these women who cake it on......make up is only bad when a person has to rely on it for there self esteem.

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    Yeah I wear make-up because of self-esteem issues. I believe make-up covers up flaws. Others believe it accentuates your flaws. Then again I only wear eyeliner && mascara, but I love makeup. I also wear it in order to try new things and find out what looks good on me, combined, and stuff like that.

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  • 3 years ago

    i'm 25 and that i don't positioned on makeup time-honored in any respect yet on occasion i might desire to sense like wearing a vivid lip or eye shadow so i will do it in simple terms because of the fact it could make me sense greater effective :) yet I rather have never positioned makeup on because of the fact of peer tension

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    I never wear makeup, and I can care less about society's "Rules" for Looking good.

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