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Essential Tremors?

I have it and I am 16. It is minor, but annoying and noticeable. Anything I can do? (In my Hands)

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    Essential tremor is a harmless condition of your hands (and in some people neck).

    The causes are unknown, although there are some theories. People with essentail tremor have tremors when they are not moving, but not when they are aiming for something.

    First you should go to a neurologist, they can give the exact diagnose and rule out most causes.

    There are medicines for essential tremor, they will not cure the condition, but they can reduce the tremors.

    Most used is atenolol. That's a bloodpressure medicine, but it also helpes for essential tremor.

    Avoiding stress will also help a bit.

    There are a lot of other medicines, for the right medicine or therapy in your specific situation you should ask your doctor

    Source(s): textbook of neuroscience
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