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What scientists were from 1995-2005?


Scientists that did something in those years; for example invented something, found a cure for a disease, and etc.

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    ha ha ha.. reading the answer above makes me totally laughing..

    Ok but i'll still help you anyway:


    * The Java computer language invented.

    * DVD (Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc) invented.


    *Web TV invented.


    The gas-powered fuel cell invented.


    Viagra® invented.


    * Scientists measure the fastest wind speed ever recorded on earth, 509 km/h(318 mph).

    * Tekno Bubbles patented.


    * The mystery of Ginger.

    * Environmentally friendly transformer fluid from vegetable oils invented by T.V. Oommen.

    * FluidSense infusion pump invented (automatic and standardized intravenous applicator).


    # AbioCor artificial heart invented by Abiomed - the Abiocor represents groundbreaking medical miniaturization technology. Nuvaring birth control invented by Organon.

    # Artificial liver invented by Dr. Kenneth Matsumura and Alin Foundation.

    # Fuel cell bike invented by Aprilia.

    # Self-cleaning windows invented by PPG Industries.


    # Braille Glove invented by Ryan Patterson.

    # Phone tooth invented by James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau.

    # Nano-tex - nanotechnology wearable fabrics invented by Nano-tex LLC.

    # Birth control patch invented by Ortho McNeil Pharmaceutical.

    # Foveon Camera Chip invented by Richard Merrill.

    # Date Rape Drug Spotter invented by Francisco Guerra.

    # Solar Tower invented by Jorg Schlaich.

    # Virtual keyboard invented by Canesta and VKB.

    # ICOPOD invented by Sanford Ponder.


    * Optical Camouflage System invented by Susumu Tachi, Masahiko Inami, and Naoki Kawakami

    * Toyota's Hybrid Car

    * Ice Bike invented by Dan Hanebrink

    * New Toy Robots Max the robotic cat invented by Omron, LUCKY, THE ROVING ROBO-RAPTOR invented by Walt Disney Imagineering, and Sony builds Aibo a companion called Orio.

    * New Fabrics, Salmon Skin Leather invented by Claudia Escobar and Skini, and Luminex a glowing fabric invented by Luminex.

    * Java Log a log for your fireplace made from used coffee grinds and invented by Rod Sprules

    * Infrared Fever Screening System used in public buildings to scan for people with a high temperature from a fever or sars invented by Singapore Technologies Electronics and the Singapore Defense Science and Technology Agency

    * The No-Contact Jacket invented by Adam Whiton and Yolita Nugent, protects the wearer by electric shocking any attackers.


    # Adidas 1 the thinking shoes with a built in microprocessor that decides how soft or firm support the wearer needs. Chosen by Popular Science magazine as the best recreation invention of 2004.

    # Translucent Concrete developed by Hungarian architect Aron Losonczi and called LitraCon and is based on a matrix of parallel optical glass fibers embedded into the concrete that can transmit light and color from the outside. However, this is not the only translucent concrete out there. Inventor Bill Price has been developing another variety.

    # Ka-on or Flower Sound are plants that play music invented by the Japanese based Let's Corporation. Flowers bouquets will act as loudspeakers when placed in a special vase that has electronics hidden in the base.

    # Intel Express Chipsets - Grantsdale and Alderwood are the code names of Intel's newest chips that will provide superior and inexpensive built-in sound and video capacities for the PC including the ability to do high definition video editing without additional computer cards.

    # SonoPrep invented by bioengineer Robert Langer, is a device that will deliver medication by sound waves rather than injection. According to the Sontra Medical Corporation, SonoPrep's manufacturer: The small, battery-powered device applies low-frequency ultrasonic energy to the skin for 15 seconds. The ultrasound temporarily rearranges lipids in the skin, opening channels that let fluids be delivered or extracted. After about 24 hours, the skin returns to normal.


    YouTube - the online video sharing and viewing community - was invented in 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. YouTube was named Time Magazines Invention of the year in 2006.

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    I doubt that there were many scientists who were born in 1995 and died in 2005. If there were, they studied the formation of mud pies.

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