OMG i really need help now?

Ok i live in chicago west suburbs and i'm 18 yrs old and i really

need a job sooooooooooooooooooooo bad i had 2 interviews but i didn't get the job i think because i don't have any experience but who will hire me quick please help

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    Why don't you try online surveys and PTC's (paid to click) as a side job to help you earn cash. You have to be able to put time and effort into, and able to check your email throughtout the day. This truely is something to do to really earn money for a living. I am a stay-at-home-mom, and I have been doing this for about a week now and I have two $25 walmart gift cards coming in the mail, and one $25 Target gift card coming, from completing offers that you pay like $1 to try and then return it within 7 days and still get the gift card!! The PTC's is a website where you click on ads and earn like 0.01-.10 cents per ad and there is NO limit in clicking on the ads. Most have a minimum of $1-$2 dollar pays straight into your paypal account, alertpay, or e-gold account. i will give you links to some PTC's and if you'd like I can give you tons of links to paid survey sites that really pay for you to take surveys. You have to sign up for a bunch of them for them to work and check your email daily cause you're not gonna make money off of just joining one website. Join many and you could make a living off of taking them, trust me, i know! Email me if you want survey links.

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    I am from Chicago too! Here is an opportunity for you!

    I work with a wellness company called Melaleuca! There is the opportunity to work from home and earn pretty good income and it only costs $29 to get started! With the $29 one time membership fee, you become a preferred customer and shop for items at your Melaleuca store monthly that you would normally buy at the store anyway. So you're not spending any new money by shopping because you'll be getting the same things that you would normally buy! Plus, our products are healthier and safer for you and your family!

    I am a disabled vet of the U S Marine Corps so I was determined to find something to do from home that was worthwhile and this is it!! It gives me stable income and the opportunity to feel useful by helping people with this business!

    My email address is Feel free to email me at anytime! =)

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    well, if you really need a shouldn't go for the really good ones to start off with, you can either do voluntary work for a while then when you apply for jobs and they see you have done that it's more likely they will hire you, or while your doing your voluntary work, as soon as you apply for that and tell the interviewer you are beggining voluntary work they will probably hire you. or you can always just find one of those fast food resturaunts who are willing to hire anyone, while your doing that take up a course in something, then when you have a degree, you can et better jobs.

    hope that helps you :-)

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