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Essential Tremors Please Help!?

I'm 27 and I have essential tremors, its not horribly obvious but people do notice. My hands shake caffiene obviously affects it. And drinking alcohol certainly makes me steady. I am looking for a set of exercises that may help strengthen and give me better control over my hands. I know my left hand is worse because I am a righty. I know its not going to be cured but I'd like to improve my condition while I'm young. Please help.

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    Essential tremor has no single treatment. Lifestyle changes such as getting enough rest, limiting stressful situations and avoiding stimulants such as caffeine may help ease tremors.

    Patients facing difficulties with the social and psychological aspects of living with essential tremor may benefit from working with a counselor or joining a support group.

    Physical therapy exercises can sometimes reduce tremor and improve coordination and muscle control. Occupational therapists may suggest some of the following adaptive devices to reduce the effect of your tremors on your daily activities:

    Heavier plates, glasses and utensils

    Wrist weights

    Wider writing implements

    Surgery may be an option for people whose tremors are severely disabling and who don't respond to medications.

    The most common procedure is called deep brain stimulation, which involves inserting a long, thin electrical probe into your thalamus — the portion of your brain responsible for causing your tremors. A wire from the probe is tunneled under your skin to your chest, where a pacemaker-like device has been inserted. This device transmits painless electrical pulses to interrupt signals from your thalamus that may be causing your tremors.

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