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Can I use the same cellphone in Nepal as I do in the Philippines?

I have a cheap cell in the Philippines and I'd like to know if I can take it with me to Nepal to use over there? Or will I have to buy a new cell? I know I'll have to buy a new simcard regardless- I just wanna know if I have to buy a new phone also.

And is the system the same in India- where you just buy a simcard and then buy load (muinutes) for your phone? Is it cheap?

Thanks for your help :)

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    If your mobile is unlocked and works on following frequencies, you don't have to buy new cell.

    1. GSM 900

    2. GSM 900/1800

    These are the frequencies provided by Nepal Telecom (1) and Spice Nepal (2). These two are the only sim card provider networks working in Nepal. Both pre-paid and post paid systems work in Nepal. For you, the best option is to buy sim card and fill according to your call. The price is lowest in the world. With US$ 10, you can have simcard and calling minutes of around 250 minutes within same network and 125 minutes in other networks. International call is about 50cents per minutes. The price may vary between networks. Check the price by clickinig the links

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    Cellphones are much cheaper here than when you buy them outside the country. Why would it cost you more if you bring it back to Canada? You can hand-carry the item yourself if it is permissible to carry one inside the airplane. If the rules have changed regarding carrying cellphones, you just have to find a way on how to bring yours back. There are many shops selling all brands of cellphones, there's no problem.

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