How to get slim body???

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what is the best way to reduce weight????
is there any kind of food can help??
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there are sooo many different ways these days...put personally i think the best way to loose weight...or get slim is to:
-drink plenty of water
-eat healthy foods (not too many sugary foods, or fatty foods)
-exercise at least 3 times a week at the gym

hope it hopes : )

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ok.,.thanks for your answer.,..i'll try it more :)
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  • MJ answered 6 years ago
    I've taken to just copying and pasting this. It's my own personal way of keeping myself slim:

    Well first things first; don't diet. What you need to do if you want to loose weight and keep it off is to make a change for good. So here's my guide on how to get yourself a nice fast metabolism :)

    Eat healthy! Try to stay away from animal products (like dairy!) a little more because they are fattening (read the book Skinny B***ch for more info on this) and too much animal product can slow down your metabolism (I'm actually a vegetarian but that doesn't mean you can't eat meat, dairy is the real killer... I'm still addicted to cheese though :P)

    When you do eat don't eat a lot. Eat small meals at least 4 times a day and try to avoid eating just before bed. Eating a few nuts or a plain biscuit before your meal will get rid of that absolutely famished feeling and stop you eating too much. Eat slow so you don't overeat. By the way I'm not assuming that you do overeat but these days most people do. We rush so much that by the time our stomachs have sent the message to our brain that we're full (takes about 15 minutes) it's already too late!

    Eat breakfast! Your first meal of the day sets your metabolism for the rest of the day so make sure you eat within about an hour of getting up. Don't eat straight away if you're not hungry because when you first wake up your body is finishing off the 'cleaning' it does overnight and eating first thing can stuff you up. I usually have a shower and then eat breakfast. Fruit is the best thing to have for breakfast because it is low GI and is the best choice to help you start your day with a high metabolism. If you are one of those people that just hates eating breakfast then get yourself a good quality juicer (I got a s*** hot one for about $200 Australian) and drink a big glass of juice. It'll fill you up still and give you all the nutrients of the fruit. Fresh juice though, bottled juice sucks if you're trying to substitute real fruit.

    If you want to snack between meals eat a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit and try to stay away from soft drink most of the time (obviously since this is a 'for life' change it would be stupid to ban it completely but just a couple of times a week or with alcohol is fine)

    Bring your lunch to work (or school/uni). I usually make extra dinner and then eat that for lunch the next day. It's really important to know what you're eating as much as possible so make your own food as often as is convenient and read labels at the supermarket cause you'll be surprised how much 'good' stuff is packed with sugar and salt.

    Opt for wholemeal bread (or multigrain) rather than white bread if you can stand it. Same for pasta or anything else with a white/wholemean option. Because white is high GI and wholemean is low GI. We want low GI always :)

    Most importantly: If you want chocolate or a milkshake or a pizza or to get really really drunk then do it! Just don't do it every second day :)


    5'9" and put on 8kg (bringing myself up to a total of 63kg) after leaving school back down to 58kg after about 5 months of doing this. It's not unhealthy (the exact opposite) and it's sustainable forever :)
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  • Catherine answered 1 week ago
    I’ve lost 8.5 lbs, 2 inches from my waist and 1/2 inch from each arm…with the effective method. It’s quick, safe, natural Discover 7 strategies to easily and completely stop emotional eating, food binges, and late night eating.


    Within 3 days, I lost 5 lbs of fat and reduced my waist size by at least one belt buckle… Discover this unique tip to lose weight very fast and naturally
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  • paul j answered 6 years ago
    see over the years people has been faced with situations like this but there are very simple technique of solving this problem. Firstly you must try to eat a good balance diet. (2) you must try not to eat too much and always try to prevent eating late at night.(3) l will prescribe something for you if you have the money you can go for GR2 CONTROL. It is a product from gnld. But if do not have the money just try to wake very early in the morning and do some excercise every day. for more guideline go over to this link

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  • caroxcore answered 6 years ago
    Yoga, the fastest way to lose weight and it also controls your appetite.Just buy the book or something trust me it will help out alot in so many ways


    you'll get results from the first few days. In 4 days I lost 3 kgs :)
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  • Happy & Hippy answered 6 years ago
    Eating adequate Fruit and Vegetables can do the trick.

    If you’re looking for a quicker way to burn calories, you’ve to try interval training. Interval training comprises of short, high-intensity exercise periods followed on by longer, lower-intensity periods.

    These 2 sets of interval training when repeated several times, to form a complete workout.

    Examples are:
    Walk-Jog sequences
    Run-Sprint interval


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  • LadiesMan217 answered 6 years ago
    Simple theory: burn more calories than you put in

    Harder to put into practice though. The best way to burn your calories, however, is through muscular exercise. And believe it or not, the "stronger" your muscles become, the more calories they require to live. So basically, if you exercise your muscles, not only will you burn more calories than any other process, you will also burn calories when you are simply sitting down. Great huh. So, the sooner you start that, the sooner you will start to burn calories when you asking questions on yahoo answers. This is all called your metabolism.

    So what is muscular exercise?
    Basically, its any kind of exercise you will feel pain in. But don't be discouraged by pain because you will feel great afterwards. And don't worry, you eventually become mentally strong enough to push through the pain. Try doing some push ups, sit ups and squats. Don't worry about becoming "to muscly" or something like that, because I guarantee you it takes years and years and years of very hard and vigorous training to reach that level. Basically, you want to be aiming for a nice, toned body - The best type of body you can get

    Good Luck
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  • jwhero answered 6 years ago
    To keep you feeling fuller after every meal, drink as much water as you can before and after every meal. Whenever you feel like snacking, just drink some water.
    Try to walk as much as you can. If you need to go somewhere, and its less than 2km away, you can walk, and if you feel up to it, jog.

    Hope that helps, and good luck
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  • Venkata S answered 6 years ago
    drink more water before and after the diet
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  • Q T answered 6 years ago
    Fruit, veggies, fish, and chicken. Cardio 5 days a week
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  • Crystal answered 6 years ago
    the best way to lose weight is to go on a low carb diet.That is to eat food with low carbohydrates.You can find out more about this online.A low carb diet is healthy and you can see results in weeks.

    Good Luck
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