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List all songs that Vanessa Hudgens had sung(+20)

As I have said, do please List all songs that Vanessa Hudgens had sung...I remember there's a song, and the lyrics is a little bit like this: Did you ever hear the wolf cry in the... something like that. I really want to know what is the name of this song..

P.S. Including the song which she have sung for disney.

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    呢度就係vanessa ge 歌

    high school musical 同 佢album ""V"" ge 歌


    Breaking Free

    Come Back To me

    Don't talk

    Drip Drop



    Gotta go my own way

    I Can't take my eyes off of you

    Let's Dance

    Let's go

    Lose your love

    Make you mind

    Never underestimate a girl



    Rather be witgh you

    Say OK


    Start Of Something New

    Still there for me

    Too Emotional

    What ever will be

    What I've Been Looking For (Reprise) lyrics

    When There Was Me And You lyrics

    You Are The Music In Me lyrics

    最新 album "" identified"" ge 歌

    1. Last Night

    2. Identified

    3. First Bad Habit

    4. Hook It Up

    5. Don't Ask Why

    6. Sneakernight

    7. Amazed

    8. Don't Leave

    9. Paper Cut

    10. Party on the Moon

    11. Did It Ever Cross Your Mind

    12. Gone with the Wind

    13. Set It Off 日本版加 ge

    14. Committed 日本版加 ge

    15. Vulnerable 日本加 ge

    如果你有咩問題可以 add 我



    你想知道多 d vanessa ge


    日日都 update 嫁

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