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1.he/forget/shout down/computer/last night(simple past)

2.now/workers/demand/have/higer wages(present continuous)

3.she/pretend/be/innocent(simple present)

4.most people/hope/get/more freedom(simple present)

5.he/already promise/come/us(present prefect)

6.climbers/attempt/climb/Mt Everest/at present(past continuous)

7.he/decide/take part in/competition((present prefect)

8.they/offer/help us/willingly(simple past)

9.we/plan/spend/holiday/Scotland/this summer(present continuous)

10.robbers/threaten/burn/their house(simple past)

11.mother/want/you/leave home/early/tomorrow(simple present)

12.she/tell/maid/not/close/windows(simple past)

13.manager/expect/company/earn/more money/this year(simple present)

14.Mr Lee/warnchildren/not/come/late/again(simple present)

15.they/never/know/him/behave/so rudely/before(present perfect)

16.uncle/encourage/me/try/again/(simple present)

17.please/remind/students/hand in/homework/tomorrow(request)

18.he/instruct/servant/keep/room/locked(simple present)

19.police/urge/citizens/provide/information/robbery(simple present)

20.defendant/bribe/policeman/not/give/evidence(simple past)

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    1.He forgot to shout down the computer last night.

    2.Workers demanding to have higer wages now.

    3.She is pretending to be innocent.

    4.Most people hope to get more freedom.

    5.He has already promise to come with us.

    6.Climbers were attempting to climb the Mt Everest at present.

    7.He has decideded to take part in the competition.

    8.They offered to help us willingly.

    9.We are planning to spend a holiday in Scotland this summer.

    10.Robbers threatened to burn their house.

    11.Mother wants you to leave home earlier tomorrow.

    12.She told the maid not to close the windows.

    13.The manager expects the company to earn more money this year.

    14.Mr Lee warn the children not to be late again.

    15.They have never knew him to behave so rudely before.

    16.Uncle encourages me to try again.

    17.Please remind the students to hand in their homework tomorrow.

    18.He instructs the servant to keep the room locked.

    19.Police urge the citizens to provide information about the robbery.

    20.Defendant bribed the policeman not to give evidence.

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    1.He forgot to shut down his comouter last night.

    2. Now the workers are demanding to have higher wages.

    3. She pretneds to be innocent

    4. Most people hope to get more freedom.

    5. He has already promised to come to us.

    6. Climbers were attempting to climb Mt. Everest at present.

    7. He has decided to take part in the competition.

    8. Tehyoffered to help us willingly.

    9. Weare planning to spend hoilday in Scotland this summer.

    10. Robbers threatened to burn their house.

    11. Mother wnats you to leave hiome early tommorow.

    12. She told the maid not to close the windows.

    13. The manger expects the company to earn more money this year.

    14. Mr Lee warns children not to come late night.

    15. They have never known him behaved so rudely before.

    16. Uncle encourages me to try again.

    17. Please remind the students to hand in the himework tommorow.

    18. He instructs his servantto keep the room locked.

    19. The police urges the citizens to provide infirmation about the robbery.

    20. Defendant bribed the policement not to give the evidence.

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