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The graph of the function has more than one turning point. Use your graphing calculator to find the coordinates of the turning point that lies in the given interval.

f(x)=4x^3-10x^2-x+5, [-1,0]

The coordinates of the turning point are _____

(Type an ordered pair. Type an integer or a decimal. Round each coordinate to the nearest hundreth if needed)

Can anyone give me the keystrokes on a TI-83+ calculator to get this answer???

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    In y = editor insert your equation

    F2 zoom (zoomstd or zoom fit)

    F5 calc select min (and later max)

    The calc will require left-bound; arrow to left of TP you are finding then enter

    The calc will then require right-bound; arrow to right of TP you are finding then enter

    Sure about the restricted domain, there is a max at x = 0

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    Point Graphing Calculator

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