What is he difference between ionic, covalent, and metallic bonds?

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i need to what characteristics or what the don't have in common, makes them differenc from one another
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  • Nice answered 6 years ago
Ionic bond: it is also called "electrovalent bond". It is "a type of chemical bond that can often form between metal and non-metal ions through electrostatic attraction";

Covalent bond is a form of chemical bonding, "characterized by the sharing of pairs of electrons between atoms, or between atoms and other covalent bonds";

Metallic bond: "the chemical bond, which is characteristic of metals, in which mobile valence electrons are shared among atoms in a usually stable crystalline".

For additional information, go to google "ionic bond", "covalent bond" and "metallic bond" (my sources).
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  • Lou answered 3 months ago
    Ionic Bond: Characteristics: it has high melting point, conducts electricity, dissolves easily in water, these are formed through electrostatic attraction of two oppositely charged ions
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