okay-this is honestly an emergency-please help asap?


he ended up attacking my sister tonight...

we called our dog trainer and she said that this aggression at such a young age is dangerous. and our best option is to put him down

I need help. if there are any professionaly people who could help me please let me know asap


anything to help. any other options. does anyone have any resources

I am desperate to find something other than this...

please help me.

Update 2:

a few weeks ago she did a temperment test on him...this is what she said: 'I personally think that he is a "gray" area puppy. He shows mild signs of aggression and is overly mouthly which is not normal. What this means is that is needs a lot of attention and training from all people in the house'

(I copy and pasted from the Email)

Update 3:

would nuetering at this age be acceptable? would that help it? do you have any references you could direct me towards?

Update 4:

he is a 13 week old mastiff/doberman/apbt mix pup. his breeding was accidental. the lady that had his litter her boyfriends dog (purebred apbt) and her dog (mastiff/doberman) got together and had puppies

I have one of them now...

he attacked when she called his name and went to pick him up.

Update 5:

he attacked her, and if he would have been older and bigger she would be in the hospital

Update 6:


want proof? I will tell you whatever you want to know about me

I have a 1 1/2year old female great dane name Meridell. after a place that saved my life

I have a 4 year old Boxer/airedale terrier mix named Bella. who I got on her first easter

I used to have a vizsla named duchess. who was my first dog. she died at age 8 from a few strokes that happend over halloween

my first cat named tiger who is brother to the cat we still have and SHE is 12 years old. died when I was in 5th grade. he got water crystalls stuck in his urinary tract, we are still paying for vet bills

and like I said-his sister (Jazz, purty, pretty kitty) is still alive and doing well

after tiger died, on my birthday my mom got me a kitten from an animal shelter. she is a silver tabby. I named her starrlet. then called star, now called fatso. she reminds me of a dog. comes when I wistle, will eat anyhting

our puppy (stewie) was born may 31st. we got him at 6 weeks old.

Update 7:

would it be helpful to get another trainers opinion? or would it be useless?

and thank you all for helping me.

Update 8:

the vets that we talked with and the humane society (a very reputable and well managed one. btw. one of the best) who has a dog behavioralist and many trainers told me that from his temperment getting this bad in just a week...in 2 weeks he will be a very dangerous dog.

so we had to put him down. it was very hard for me.

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    1 decade ago
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    Can you elaborate on how he "attacked?"

    If he just nipped her its one thing, but if he is human aggressive and literally attacked her, I think it makes a big difference in what to do with the dog. If you could add some details, I will wait to give my full response. Hope your sis is OK, by the way.

    EDIT: thanks for adding the details... WIth the information given, I would have to agree with the trainer. Sounds like the product of poor breeding which leads to bad temperament. You should absolutely go with the advice given by professionals who have evaluated the dog and by no means take advice here as anything more than opinions. I'm so sorry. no matter what, this is not going to be a pleasant experience. Personally, I just don't think there is any room for a human aggressive dog in a family home. While Carol C might not know anything about Pit bull terriers, she is correct in saying that the safety of you kids is more important than the dog.

    EDIT: carol C, regardless of what your grandfather told you in the 1950's, Pit bulls do NOT have locking jaws. That is a ridiculous myth, please stop spreading it. If a dog is human aggressive it makes NO difference what the breed is.

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  • Boss
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    1 decade ago

    Get a second opinion from a behaviorist; not a trainer. Your vet can refer you to a behaviorist in your area. I would never put a dog down based on a single opinion. The dog needs INTENSIVE training and you may not be the right person for the job. Such a mixed breed needs a very knowledgeable, assertive and STRONG leader. Personally, I'd rather find someone who is capable of dealing with the aggression (If I couldn't) than put the dog to sleep. However, the behaviorist can advise you on the right path to take.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think you answered your own question when you stated that you needed expert opinion! I'd definitely say it was worth finding a behaviorist that works with dog aggression. Your pup is so young. I have seen pups that age that were more than just mouthy and who bit really hard, drawing some serious blood.

    So it would be important for your family and for the pup to get qualified help from someone with experience for the specific problematic aggressive behavior. Either that, or re-home the pup with someone who is able to get the help and doesn't have children.

    Some people go to six week courses on dog training, get a certificate and become an "expert" giving one on one classes for all kinds of problems, but they really are not that savvy with dogs.

    I wouldn't put the pup down and neither would I put my family at risk if the pup was a challenge too big for our environment.

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  • 1 decade ago

    This is a horrible situation. No dog owner wants to put down their puppy, a puppy is supposed to be an enjoyable time. With that being said, this dog will NEVER be normal. You won't be able to enjoy the dog as you wish, you won't be able to take him in public or have guests in the house etc. You will always have problems.

    I think because it attacked a family member, your sister, your dog trainer feels it is neccessary to put down this dog. Dogs don't just "outgrow" aggression. The trainer just doesn't want to risk you or your family members any harm. Especially since this dog is going to be a large dog.

    BUT aggression from puppies is EXTREMELY rare. Often times the first signs is fear. So I would get this dog evaluated by another professional trainer. Preferably one such as a schutzhund trainer. As they deal with extremely prey driven puppies so you can be absolutely sure. Because from what you are saying, this could also just be an extremely prey driven dog which CAN be controlled.

    Source(s): I had a dobe in that same situation, went a local schutzhund club, got her evaluated and they told me that is wasn't aggression and how to control and use that prey drive for training.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I do not believe that any dog trainer who knows the first thing about dogs would give the ridiculous opinion that any 13 weeks puppy needs to be put down because of aggression!! Especially over the phone without seeing or ever assessing this puppy! That's beyond unprofessional and ignorant. If this so-called trainer really did say that, take this puppy to a real trainer for assessment before making the decision to end a 13 week old puppy's life.

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  • 1 decade ago

    So..I own 4 dogs...none of whom have attacked ANYONE....

    You do NOT provide enough detail...such as breed, age, circumstance, etc...

    I am loathe to agree with you trainer...I am NOT SURE YOU HAVE A GOOD ONE....but since there are too few details, that is NOT a FAIR comment.

    MOST (not all) dogs can be trained OUT of aggressive behavior...if you trainer doesn't know that.....or perhaps he/she knows more than I do??? Oh....so he is "mouthy"...so what??? So WAS my lab!!!

    Please provide breed, age, details...\

    BTW - I am geting off the "net" soon...so e-mail me if you want to give me more info so I can TRY to help

    Source(s): owned by 4 dogs pro groomer ( I HAVE SEEN THEM ALL!!!) agility trainer
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think you know the right answer. It is irresponsible to have an aggressive dog. There are many *good* puppies out there that need homes.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Without seeing the dog for myself I simply cannot accurately give my opinion.

    However, I do firmly believe that some dogs simply are not sound, will never be sound, and are not "fixable". In these cases I most certainly believe that euthanasia is the best answer, both for the dog and the people he puts at risk.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It sounds like your dog attacked your sister. Details? What did she do? What did he do? How old is he? What breed is he?

    The attack must have been serious for teh trainer to give the option she did.

    Please - at least age and breed.

    Addition -

    Where did the other two answerers get 13 weeks? Another question? And the traineer had already done a behavior evaluation. And the word is "mouthy" - it means the dog talks with its mouth, gets to know things by chewing, or just by feeling them with his mouth. It's not a good social characteristic. Had your sister been spending more time with the dog? Did she surprise the dog?

    It's possible the dog was curious and use its mouth to explore and either hurt or scared your sister, your sister reacted, and the dog reacted - the problem is that understanding doesn't always fix things.

    You know, don't you, that if the dog is a pit, while they are very sociable and intelligent unless trained or bred differently, there is a real problem? Their jaws lock if they bite, it's the signature identifying characteristic of the breed. My grandfather explained to me in the 1950's why it was the only breed he would not have. I didn't understand then. But anyone and any dog can have a bad day - and with a pit there are terrible possible consequences.

    This has to be an absolutely hard, hard time for you, but your parents cannot risk you or your sister. Do you understand? While I am sure their heatts ache with you, you children are their most precious treasure of anything that they have.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The Vet would be able to tell you how old, sorry, I get mine pre-fixed. Anyway, that is no trainer!! 13 weeks!! Agh!! It makes me sick. Neutering does help control hormones.

    Source(s): AmStaff Terrier Owner Trying to make a new website about breeding, buying from breeders, and adopting: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Akh1H...
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