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I am looking for a Robin Hood movie ?

I am looking for a Robin Hood movie with some historical accuracy. You know the typical story of Robin of Loxley Earl of Huntington going off to war in the Crusades with the King at the Holy Land who then returns to find his people starving and brutalized under the tyrannical rule of a new Sheriff aided by Guy of Gisborne who usurps Robin's lands and consigns him to life in the forest as an outlaw. Something clearly similar to the version portrayed by the BBC TV series but not exactly the same. Perhaps like Prince of Thieves but without a Sheriff trying to be too funny. It doesn't matter how similar it is but somewhat similar. I want an evil Sheriff (who isn't a coward like in Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) and not trying to be funny -- if he is funny like Keith Allen that's fine but not Prince of Thieves like funny) -- if someone could just recommend a good Robin Hood movie to me with Guy of Gisborne's character and the Sheriff of Nottingham that would be great.

Any movie you can think of out on DVD that even comes close to having some sort of historical accuracy would be good. If it isn't 100% historically accurate that's fine. Even 95% accurate is fine. Just as accurate as possible and of course in English.


Thanks for the info. The 1st answer with the IMDB link for Robin of Sherwood was not what I had in mind. Robin of Sherwood is a TV series. I'm looking for a good movie. The second answer though was better. I'll do some research on the title and then order the DVD.

Update 2:

I just looked up the Robin Hood movie from 1922 on unfortunately while they offer it they only do so on VHS. Know of any other movies on the subject I might find on DVD?

Update 3:

I'll look at the 1991 version tatoo255 you mentioned but the 1922 version does not appear to be on DVD.

Some of the other versions you suggested must have a DVD release.

Update 4:

I just want to clarify some comedy is fine I actually like comedy in Robin Hood stories but some historical accuracy at any level is good. I'll do further research and pick a movie I like on the subject. I have the Robin Hood seasons 1 & 2 DVDs by the way of the 2006 BBC series with Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood and Richard Armitage as Sir Guy of Gisborne. However, I have no movies based on Robin Hood in my collection which was why I started this question. Wanted to find out which movies are the most accurate and decide which I can enjoy and also get some accuracy.

Update 5:

Just curious if you had to choose between Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and Robin Hood Men In Tights which is a better movie? Why? Whenever I buy a Robin Hood movie -- no matter how accurate it is -- I've been hoping to find out which is more accurate and perhaps buy a more accurate one but like the comedy of these 2 films.

If you had to choose only 1 movie and its either Robin Hood Prince of Thieves or Robin Hood Men In Tights which is better?

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    Robin Hood (1922)

    Robin Hood, Douglas Fairbanks' biggest (though not necessarily best) production of the silent era, represents the first time that many familiar of the elements of the Robin Hood legend were presented on screen. To bring the project to full fruition, Fairbanks and his wife Mary Pickford purchased the old Jesse Hampton studio in Santa Monica, and on that site constructed a near-lifesized replica of 12th century Nottingham. The humongous castle set was so awesome that Fairbanks became worried that his own performance might be dwarfed. It wasn't: take our word for it. When first we meet Robin Hood, he is still the Earl of Huntington, preparing to joust with his bitter enemy Sir Guy ofGisbourne (Paul Dickey). Despite Sir Guy's propensity for cheating, the Earl is victorious. Shortly thereafter, Huntington rides off to the crusades with Richard the Lionhearted (Wallace Beery). Upon learning that Prince John (Sam De Grasse), goaded on by Sir Guy, has usurped his brother Richard's throne, Huntington returns to Nottingham in a new guise: dashing righter-of-wrongs Robin Hood. While robbing from the rich, giving to the poor, and bedevilling the villains, Robin romances the fetching Maid Marian (Enid Bennett). The film's singular highlight is Fairbanks' slide down a two-story tapestry, a bit of bravado accomplished by hiding a playground slide behind the huge cloth. As in all of Fairbanks' films, Charlie Stevens, a grandson of Geronimo and Doug's "mascot", appears in several minor roles. Also appearing is Alan Hale Sr. as Little John, a role he'd repeat in the 1938 Errol Flynn Robin Hood, not to mention the 1950 swashbuckler Rogues of Sherwood Forest. Long thought lost, Douglas Fairbanks in Robin Hood (as the film was so copyrighted) was rediscovered in the early 1960s. Most current prints fail to do justice to Arthur Edeson's glistening photography; also, some versions are stretch-framed to slow down the action to "normal" speed, a process that retards the marvelously fast pace instilled by star Fairbanks and director Allan Dwan. We recommend that you seek out a good-quality, tinted print of Robin Hood, processed at the slightly faster-than-life speed at which it was originally filmed. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

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    Starring(s):Douglas Fairbanks, Wallace Beery, Sam de Grasse

    Director(s):Allan Dwan

    Robin Hood

    (1991)Initially conceived as a theatrical feature, but originally aired on television in the United States, Robin Hood puts slight, but effective, twists on the legendary tale. Starring Patrick Bergin in the title role, the film follows Robin and his group of bandits as they fight Prince John and save Maid Marion (Uma Thurman). This version is a little grittier than both Errol Flynn's classic movie or the contemporary extravaganza starring Kevin Costner, since Bergin is quite down-to-earth and Thurman makes Marion into a brat, not a helpless maiden. However, these qualities and the stately photography make the film quite entertaining, and it easily equalsCostner's version, even if it can't match Flynn's timeless movie. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Movie Guide

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    Starring(s):Patrick Bergin, Uma Thurman, Jürgen Prochnow

    Director(s):John Irvin

    these are the most accurate

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  • dash
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    4 years ago

    the 1st genuine robin hood action picture? it somewhat is a stupid fact. for the reason that there is not any information Robin Hood somewhat existed. aid you comprehend what look up Errol Flynn. He grew to become right into a properly-liked Robin Hood interior the forty's. however if video clips then did no longer precisely shop on with the comparable storyline all of us comprehend immediately. The BBC did an prolonged sequence of Robin Hood video clips that's based greater on delusion and fiction...( a good number of magic) Sci-Fi had a television sequence in accordance with Robin Hood various years back. It grew to become right into slightly stupid and grew to become into greater like Robin Hood look-a-like meets Dawson's Creek. Then there grew to become into Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner. What i'm asserting is look Robin Hood up on the internet and shop on with each and every action picture lead you locate that comes up....there could in elementary terms be approximately 2 hundred or so.

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  • Jim T
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    1 decade ago

    Are you aware that Robin Hood was a myth? So historical accuracy about someone who did not exist is a bit of a tall order.

    There was a version with Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn called Robin and Marion that I think treated the subject without too much humour.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    robin hood films /mini series ...i know of and have watched ...

    robin hood :men in tights

    robin hood:prince of thieves

    robin hood [uma thurman and patrick bergin..1991]

    robin hood [series began in 06 ,dunno if still going]

    am sure the series [if is right one ...was comical but still interesting]

    the uma thurman version was ok

    prince of thieves so wrong but still a great film [alan rickman is astonishingly great as nottingham]

    and the mel brooks one was just funny -it was a spoof]

    although the 'prince of thieves' version has mainly yank accents the acting in that is the best -guy and nottingham are great actors and you may really enjoy it- unfortunately they c**ked up on some details ...will scarlett is not the brother of the ficticious robin hood and no way is it possible to get to 'dover' by nightfall ...but i still own and watch this one cos i adore rickmans nottingham sooooo much !

    ******* adding on .....[noticed you had] in tight is very very funny in a silly way and prince of thieves is just action packed ...both have their great qualities [love both rickman and elwes ]...but have to go with thieves as rickman was soooooooooooooo great in it he doesnt deserve to be ignored oh and btw rickman is very funny in this version aswell as gorgeously evil **************

    Source(s): robin hood enjoyer
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think you should see "Robin of Sherwood". I saw it a few years ago and thought it was really good and similar to what you are asking for.

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