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How did King Henry VIII affect the world?

I'm 16 and in 11th grade. I'm in honors english and i have to do a project on a person or event from 1500-1750 that affected the world and i choose king henry VIII so if you can tell me all you know about him and how he affected the world that would be a big help!!! or if you can think of something better then him let me know.

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    He had a huge impact on undermining the authority of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church (which was the most powerful entity in Europe during that time). He broke away from the Catholic Church and created the Church of England for reasons more personal than political. This is just scratching the surface. You'll find a lot of information on him. You picked a good person for your report. Good luck.

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    i will fairly factor you interior the superb direction. subjects you may evaluate whilst coping with Henry VIII: a million. The effect of Renaissance custom on Henry VIII's royal courtroom 2. In 1534, Henry became the suitable Head of the Church of england. It became stated as the Act of Supremacy. the importance of Henry's movements, broke England from Roman Catholicism and Roman authority. 3. His courting along with his different halves...7 of them to be good. He went by way of a good kind of alternative halves because of the fact he needed a male inheritor. His conflict to get that inheritor led to the form of the Reformation in England (# 2)

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    I can certainly point you in the right direction. Topics you should consider when dealing with Henry VIII:

    1. The influence of Renaissance culture on Henry VIII's royal court

    2. In 1534, Henry became the Supreme Head of the Church of England. It was called the Act of Supremacy. The importance of Henry's actions, broke England from Roman Catholicism and Roman authority.

    3. His relationship with his wives...7 of them to be exact. He went through so many wives because he wanted a male heir. His struggle to get that heir led to the development of the Reformation in England (# 2)

    Source(s): I am specialized in Renaissance and Reformation history. I also teach World History :) If you want more sources email me and I will send you some links and/or books to take a look at. Good luck
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    Henry VIII

    Henry VIII had many effects on the modern world including making it so that priests could marry and that The Church of England is the largest church in England. He also significantly impacted life in England by splitting from the catholic church.

    Henry VIII took the throne and ended an era of political conflict that had been going on for 200 years, however before any of that even happened he was born in Greenwich England on June 28th 1491.


    One thing that Henry changed is the social world for many people. He made it so that the people of the catholic church could marry and divorce if the were unhappy with their relationship. he made this happen because he did not like his current wife and his mistress was his true love but under the rules of the Catholic church, this caused him to create his own church and branch away from the church that had kept him from being happy for many years.

    He also changed the rule that priests could not marry and now they can because of him, previously priests were not allowed to do many things at all in their social life if they even had one. He did this because he thought it was unfair that some priests were not allowed to have the happiness of others.

    In general he made it so people did not have to be so uptight he made the rules more relaxed and less strict people could spend some more time only their social life.

    There were many different things that Henry did to effect the life of Priests, married people and other people's lives at church and out of it involving their social lives.


    Not only did Henry and the tutors make a new church but they created a entire new branch of christianity which allowed much “looser” rules, such as a man could remarry as much as he wished.

    Henry definitely was influenced in his decision by the previous church not allowing divorces so he made it very clear that under the Church of England one could divorce and remarry as much as they felt letting him divorce many times, he did this to try to get a wife that would birth a boy but out of all six of his wives he only had one boy who unluckily died at the age of 15. The death of his only son eventually lead to his heir to be one of his daughters. This lead to many female leaders of the country, and of the church.

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    Henry VIII only had 6 wives:-

    Catherine of Aragon m. 1509, ann. 1533. Both of Catherine's male children died whithin a month of birth, Mary survived to marry Philip II of Spain;, Henry forced an annulment with Catherine.

    Anne Boleyn m. 1533, ann. 1536. Accused of adultery, incest and high treason and executed.

    Jane Seymour m. 1536, died 1537. Died after getting an infection giving birth to Edward VI.

    Anne of Cleves m. 1540, ann. 1540 the "Flanders Mare" marriage annulled for non consummation.

    His affect outside of England

    Catherine Howard m. 1540, died 1542. Accused of adultery with Thomas Culpeper and executed.

    Catherine Parr m. 1543, widowed 1547.

    He also had four children, 3 boys and one girl, in adulterous affairs.

    For a full story of his affect, see such pages as or

    For more details on the six wifes, including pictures, try

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