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Nike SQ Sumo 5000 Worth $200?

Ok i was at the golf store and i saw the nike Sumo 500. i demoed it and I hit it about 30-40 feet more then normal. i want to know is it worth 200 bucks cause thats all i have to spend. or is there a better club for that price. Thanks alot

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    As a pro Nike guy, I have to say yes. especially considering that just a month or so ago, the club cost $300. The majority of Nike's pros with the exception of the few that use the SQ5900 and Tiger who uses the original Sasquatch, all use this club with great success (but I doubt your skill is on that level...mine certainly is not). At this price, it's certainly worth a spirited test and $200 in today's driver world is a great price considering that the club is only 6 months old. Good luck!

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    I would hold off on this purchase man. Because I'm going to tell you a secret, nike is coming out with a new driver for 2009 and it is supposed to be better than any of the Sasquatch ones. This years 5000 and 5900 drivers officially mark the end of the Sasquatch Era. I have the original SQ driver, and i love it, tried the new one, and I'm not a fan, but i get a peek at the prototype driver, hit it a couple times, and it is really really good. Its called the Nike Dynamo and it has a completely different paint scheme than the SQ. It has a great feel, it is forgiving, and i could work the ball a easily. The driver goes about 15 yards further than my original SQ and about 5-10 yards further than the 5000 or the 5900. It will be 300 dollars when it comes out and it is expected by March 2009. If you can wait, get this one.

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    $200 is pretty much what those go for these days. There are many drivers, Callaway, Taylor Made, and the Nike SQ Sumo that you can buy for under $200. Naturally they are the latest and greatest, but they fit your price range and are very good. Check out the site below.

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    TaylorMade Men's r7 Draw Fairway #3 Wood $179.99


    Taylor Made Golf- R7 Draw Rescue Hybrid Graphite $199.99

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    particular, to a component. I very own one (not my gamer anymore) and it fairly is a good wide-spread driving force. particularly, however, on the instant is as much as you. in case you have adverse mechanics, no club, whether it has 5,000 MOI, 5,900 MOI, an offset hosel, or weight interior the heel will particularly help. constructive, it will mitigate the rights, whether it won't make for a wonderfully on the instant ball flight. you ought to get extra suitable at result for that to fairly take place. one extra tip: in accordance to clubfitter/clothier extraodinare Tom Wishon, it takes a million,4 hundred MOI factors to make certain any important distinction in ball flight*. So going from a 5000 MOI SuMo to a 5,900 SuMo2 won't make a great distinction.

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