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Beau Biden's Introduction of his father Joe?

What were your thoughts/feelings when Beau Biden introduced his father Joe last night at the convention?

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    He seemed genuinely proud of his Dad and his love for him was evident. I thought he did a good job and I wish some of the young people on here would try to emulate him a little. Young Republicans are so full of hate that I wonder if it comes from their parents. I've never been around people who hate so much!

    ADD: Anybody who thinks Joe Biden lacks sensitivity really doesn't know what they're talking about, and those who say that, are insensitive fools!

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    I was very moved by him. My feelings echo those of an earlier answer here (Daze) about Beau Biden standing as a man and not pandering for the cheap applause. I have to admit that Beau Biden's words went a long way toward making me comfortable with this v.p. choice.

    I like the idea of children or other family members doing the introductions -- Caroline Kennedy moved me as well -- it does put the candidates into focus, and I will enjoy the same when I watch the Republicans next week.

    Note to Kevin B: Biden having a well-raised son speaks for itself. How did you even find a way to go there? I'm guessing that tells us more about you than you realize. Were you the disappointment to your parents or vice-versa?

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    What does “cronyism” mean? Bill and Hillary. Joe Biden and Beau? Whether the Delaware senator’s addition to the Obama ticket helps or hurts in the long run remains to be seen. But for now, the Biden family is certainly helping to stir up buzz.

  • Anonymous
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    Maybe Joe could pull a JFK and make his relative Attorney General. And Beau would actually be more qualified than Bobby was!

    Then again, Bobby Kennedy was the greatest Attorney General we've ever had, so maybe this "experience" stuff the McCainiacs keep talking about is subjective.

    Daze: He IS in elective office. He's the Attorney General of the State of Delaware. Hence my answer.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It was a really touching speech.

    Everything from the tragedy of his own life to the fact he wont be around to help his father.

    Notice how Beau didnt say why he wouldn't be there (he's a captain in the US Army and being shipped out in october). That's how a real man, a real hero does it. He doesnt try to elicit cheap applause with military one liners.

    I hope we see Beau in higher elected office one day. He seems like a real decent fellow.

    EDIT: Kevin B, that's a freakin horrid thing to say dude. What the heck's wrong with you?

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    He and his father did a great job. Beau's speech was very emotional and many people I've talked to have felt the same way.

  • Anonymous
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    i didn't watch any of it and wont . But no matter who the remarks are from son or wife or mother or father's do you think a family member would say anything remotely other then bias words ?

    They should make it mandatory for the record and the truth be told about politicians and their contributions and or lack of , then it may be worth considering a few moments of air time .

    And thats for both sides not just one .!!

  • Power
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    It was heart warming. To think that he was so little when he lost his mother & baby sister & was so badly injured & so was his brother. OMG, it is overwhelming to think of what they went through. I loved when he talked about his brother & himself & his father married my mom (he meant Jill) it was just so refreshing, after hearing a bunch of low class idiots for 8 years, to hear authentic people talk feels like I was dead for 8 years & came back to life....He wasn't like McCain cause McCain is always milking his war story but Beau didn't ever explain why he was going to be able to be with his father which is because he is being sent to Iraq.

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    gradual joe is popular for asserting stupid issues. yet I even have been out on the line speaking for countless days and once you get drained, you're saying stupid issues. I nonetheless discover it difficult to have faith that the dems discovered somebody dumber to run for president than kerry. and then to %. gradual joe for vp. they ought to have planned on stealing this election from the very beggining.

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    beau must have gotten his sensitivity from his mom

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