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Christianity vs. New Thought Movement?

I was born and raised in the Baptist Church and always followed what was taught. But, as I grew up and grew older, I began to think deeper, and experience things which caused a change in my life. Once I moved out on my own (off to college) I saw the diversity and the allowance of people to be themselves, with their own ways of life and beliefs. I had always had questions and never really fully understood everything I was taught, but now I was able to gain knowledge of a different perspective.

With that said, I read Rhonda Byrne's book "The Secret", and I wasn't a fanatic, but some of what was said made a lot of sense to me. I took my research of the subject to the net where I began to read up on the New Thought Movement. In particular, the Unity Belief System with its 5 basic principles. Now, I'm confused. I believe in God, I believe Jesus died for my sins, but I can't fully agree with the conservativeness of the Baptist church. I am a more liberal person and I'm wondering what to consider myself.

Am I still a Baptist, or a member of the Unity School of Christianity, although I don't believe that religion can be based upon science, but faith alone. I don't usually care what people think, but if you could share some knowledge, suggestions, or personal accounts, it would be greatly appreciated.


Never did I mention that I was outside the loop when it came to Jesus and what he has done for me. I strongly believe that He died for my sins, I was speaking on the religion aspect, not the faith or spiritual aspect. But, I understand that "fitting in" is not the way. That's putting me more in a position that I want to get away from. I enjoy my personal relationship with God. I believe that there is God in me, and God in all of us. These new sciences aren't for me, and even though I'm not as conservative, the Baptist church is what brought me to God. And I am forever grateful for that. I believe that my thoughts do affect my surroundings, for I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Thank you for you answers.

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    In some ways Denominations have become a Religion all of their own. In my life I've been in the Salvation Army, Uniting Church, Baptist Church and Assemblies of God in Australia. I have also been to Non Denominational Churches but don't recommend them........ None of these titles is however who or what I am...... I am Christian.

    Explore your faith and seek God alone (within Christian circles) not the religion of denomination and know that you are not the Denomination but a Christian. We are all Christians, we are all His church believing in Christ...... Think of mainstream Denominations as Personalities but just like personalities of other people just be careful who you rub shoulders with and what rubs off on you because not everyone's behaviour or beliefs are right all the time.

    I'm sure there will be many parts of your Baptist upbringing that will stay very much as a part of who you are and while you were brought up Baptist you are a Christian. To have been brought up in a conservitive Baptist church isn't a bad thing because it will keep you grounded. There is a lot of weird stuff out there these days in the name of Christianity and hopefully your Baptist foundations will keep you grounded. It is a good base to have.

    I myself have now come out of Pentecostal circles after almost 15 years and am giving myself time to focus on God alone but I can see in the next year I'll be back to my roots of the Baptist church from my teen years. I'm quite liberal, a very deep thinker (philosophy, lost books, etc), I'm even tattooed (just so you know how unconservitive I am) but what I am finding is a longing to get back to the basics of basics of the Baptist teaching.

    I do personally think you need to be very careful about things like The Secret and religions that teach there are many ways to God. And please be very careful when it comes to Pentecostalism as well. There are many Pentecostal churches that are slightly more conservitive which is fine but be careful of the Mega churches and the Health and Wealth / Word of Faith movements.

    As a deep thinker I fully understand you need to seek, learn and understand for yourself but in the end if Christ remains at the centre through that searching and after that searching you are a Christian.

    *****With Additional Information*****

    Your NEED to seek and understand for yourself sounds very much like me and I don't think it is that unhealthy in fact it makes the heart knowledge that more real.

    I wanted to share with you my experience and this post in my Blog shares it best.... Fresh Understanding Not Being Mislead...... is the title I gave it.

    I know this may be different to you but the NEED to seek was like yours and many people kept saying I'd fall away without the understanding it was ONLY God I sought.

    I did look in place that confused me from time to time and that is why I say be careful with things like The Secret, but I do agree that the more conservitive Christian will tell you not to go looking just believe without fully understanding what is driving you.

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    New Thought Movement

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    What frightens me about what your saying is there could be many ways to get to Heaven. If I am wrong in saying that ignore me but I think there could be a hit of it here. Especially with the "Secret". This book is more of a humanistic wisdom wrapped in the words of Christianity. It also leaves vague who you really are in Christ.

    All faiths or religions are exclusivistic at their core. Don't be fooled by this. Just because they are sincere is not a criteria for truth. I'm sure that the Heaven's Gate cult was sincere and now are sincerely dead.

    Truth is found in Christ and what He taught. If this was not so He would not say He is the way, truth, and life, no one comes to the Father except through Him. To embrace other religion's philosophies into Christianity, is to make Christ a liar and the Cross a mistake.

    A far as your science comment your right, but science is based on religion and the use of its precepts. Example: Spontaneous generation of life, which Darwinism requires to get the theory started, has never been observed. So they must believe it by faith. Darwinism is nothing more than a secular religion masquerading as science.

    By saying what your saying, you are throwing out archeology evidence. Is this not also a science field?

    You sound like one searching for knowledge. Please allow me to recommend two books to check out.

    "I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist" by Geisler and Turek. I know your not an atheist but it has some good stuff in it.

    "The Truth War" by John McArthur. This book really deals with your question. Highly recommend it.

    Good Luck my friend.

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    Did the apostle Paul subscribe to a New thought Movement beyond what was told them through the Words of Jesus Christ and by direct revelation from the Holy Spirit. the New age Movement is a destroyer of the Gospel of Jesus Christ if that were possible.

    The New Age Contemporary Christian Church? People ask " why not" to these Christian topics. A good litmus test is this; "Does secular America have a problem with these things"? The answer is a resounding no. In short, if people that hate God don't have a problem with it then we as Christians need to run the other way more often than not when it comes to doctrinal issues. Remember, we as Christians are a peculiar people set apart from the world. We are not to mold ourselves to become the full pattern of pop culture which is contrary to God. If a question needs to be answered it is to be found in the Word of God and not born out of a mans opinion.

    1 Peter 2:9

    But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light;

    True Christians will be mocked, hated and scoffed at as foretold in the Bible.

    Notice how the New Age Contemporary Christian Left Wing church isnt hated by the secular world? This in itself proves out its error.

    Romans 12

    2Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

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    Anytime a christian strays outside the Word of God (Not church, not doctrine, not teachings) then they are left standing adrift in the City of Babylon (the World - the proverbial City of Confusion). Only a person who anchors themselves on the scriptures and relies completely and utterly on every Word that proceeds from God can confusion be alleviated altogether. No church, no religious leader, guru, spiritual adviser or "enlightened" writer has truth in total. Maybe tidbits of it for which they build their eager following but always will there be someone out there who displaces that particular faith system or doctrine with what seems "more" truthful. With the Bible, Old and New Testament with the Apocryphal writings, is there complete truth..unaltered and unadulterated and uniquely blatant. There is enough truth there, in those Works alone to keep the faithful believer occupied and out of harms way for an entire lifetime. You need not seek your answers from any other source except for the occasional historical and cultural reference text for a better understanding of certain Biblical terms. There are two exact instructions in the Bible...pray and study. This is the communion between God and man. We pray and He speaks to us through the Word and answered prayer. Of course these other writings can make sense...but still leave the person confused...because they serve no practical purpose for living for anyone but ourselves. These extracuricular writings focus the reader inward and cause us to be core focused rather than turning our sights toward God, our fellow man and the state of the world around us. This is where truth is found and its much more simple, pragmatic and valid than the vague, smokey haze of some trumped up philosophy on life. The BIble states live, you choose, you between all help others to live and choose. When its all over then you live again, with Him, forever...these other idealologies will fade away as fluff in the wind. His Word endures forever. Love in Christ, ~J~

    Source(s): KJV as produced in 1611 according to scriptures of Rev 11.
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    You don't have to 'fit into' a specific group. You could just say you love god, and that is enough. As long as you live your life how you see fit, and don't hurt anyone else while doing so, does it really matter which religion you belong to? Especially if you come to see much of what most churches preach as narrow-minded and exclusionist.

    Did god not tell you to love your fellow man? You should experiment a bit at college, who knows, you could be gay? Probably not, it's a small sector of the population, but you can never ever be absolutely sure until you try it...

    EDIT: My goodness! So many fundie responses saying you will go to hell if you don't go to church! See what I mean about narrow-minded and exclusionist? These people know so little about their own religion, yet they impose their misinformed opinions upon others and try to shame and guilt you! See what's wrong with religion? If you love your god, that is all that matters!

    Source(s): Atheist for life. I'm just joking about trying out the gay sex!
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    I personally put zero stake in "the secret."

    I think Unity is a bunch of dingo's kidneys, and I used to go there.

    The point is not what group you ought to belong to, it is where you feel at home.

    Do you feel at home somewhere?

    Go there.

    Might want to try a non-denominational church; all the Bible, not so many extrabiblical rules.

    I could never understand why the baptists prohibited dancing.

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    You don`t have to devout yourself to any group to be spiritual...

    I encourage people to make their own thoughts, not to join any group ever. The idea is that forming a group creates a good vs evil scenario, and I think tahst counterproductive to teaching and expressing your beliefs to other people. Nobody is good or evil, its all perspective. Its up to us to decide whats right or wrong for our own, and not a "vote" from the group you are invoved with.

    True cognitive freedom is individuality. I will never join any group ever, because the people who are against the group's belief creates an enemy rather than a "lost" soul that you can extend you hand to.

    "Divide and conquer", forming groups that see the world as black and white, good and evil, right and wrong, the righteus vs the sinful - thats the game organized religion is playing.

  • I don't know anything about the New Thought Movement, but would be interested in looking into it. It sounds rather "new age" to me.

    Got a link?

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    Pat Robertson has as much credibility on christianity as Kim Kardashian does on marriage. I'm going with the veterans.

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