what is a good zipcode of st. louis, Mo to live in and raise a family (trying to buy a house)?

Im about to move to st. louis, MO with my boyfriend in about a year. We are soon to have a bbay so i was searching for homes and wondering what is a good zip code to buy a home in with a family

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    Unfortunately, no one can determine good for you. Zip codes in St. Louis aren’t exactly the best way to search because they can cross all kinds of municipal boundaries.

    I live in St. Louis. If you want to ask me specific questions, you may contact me privately. I can make suggestions if you want to let me know specifics of what makes a good area for you beyond that it’s “safe” and/or has “good” schools (see below). If you say you wan to live near shopping, close to a certain business, central to everything, I can make suggestions.

    If you have questions about safety, the City of St. Louis, St. Louis County, and all of our individual municipalities in the County have crime statistics online. You can find those via Google. If you have questions about school districts – and we do have a few dozen - visit www.greatschools.net/

    It’s a little difficult to explain the dynamics of the St. Louis metro area so read up on what’s meant by

    St. Louis County: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Louis_County,_Mis...

    St. Louis City: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Louis,_Missouri

    These are two legally independent entities.

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    Here's a good start (suburbs):

    63141 - Creve Couer

    63017 - Chesterfield

    63011 - Ballwin, Ellisville, Manchester

    63131 - Kirkwood

    63129 - Oakville

    63119 - Mid County

    63146 - Maryland Heights


    63109 - SW City

    63139 - WSW City

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    You really have to describe your lifestyle and social expectations as well as budget. "Good" is in always in the eyes of the beholders. Some of the zip codes mentioned might strike some as incredibly boring or overly-ostentatious

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