Abercrombie interview?

Anyone know what the interview at Abercrombie is like? I have one tomorrow. Just curious.

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    hey, I work as a model at A&F.

    Make sure you look nice, your makeup is natural (no heavy eyeliner, stick to neutral eyeshadow colors), and you're wearing navy blue/grey/white (which will impress the manager maybe), which are the "in" colors this season for abercrombie. You don't have to wear A&F clothes, but just make sure you aren't wearing any obvious competitor logos.

    The interview is pretty easy, you just go in maybe minutes before your interview time, ask for the manager, and tell him/her that you're here for the interview.

    Then, the manager will bring you outside the store and ask you some questions:

    1. Tell me your background, where you went to school, your favorite pasttimes etc.

    2. Tell me about an experience where you worked with others as part of a team.

    3. Tell me about any hardships you have ever faced.

    4. Tell me about an experience when you had to work as an individual.

    5. Define Diversity. (They're really big on this question, so say something like "all different types of races work and shop in A&F, which makes the store really diverse and connected)

    6. What do you like about Abercrombie and their clothes.

    7. What sets Abercrombie apart from all other stores in the mall.

    After, the manager will tell you they will call you back within seven days, and they usually call on saturday to tell you to go to orientation on sunday, if you got the job.

    Good luck with your interview! I hope you get it!

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    they just ask you some simple questions to see if your not shy (p.s. dont be shy cuz u wont get the job then) and they look at how you dress to see if you suit the style of the store.

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    hah omg me too. well mine is next friday. good luckk and tell me how yours goes=]

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