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Timer control for boiler?

Is the Worcester Bosch Green Star 30 si compatible to use with a Drayton LP111 timer and a Honeywell room stat?

I know these controls currently have 230v going through them,i am going to renew the boiler and i want to keep the existing controls to keep the costs down and want to know so any potential installer doesn't try to fob me off with new parts i dont need.


Ive been told that some boilers use voltage free or low voltage controls?

What does this mean?

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    I've never come across any boiler that would not be compatible with any type of programmer and thermostat, but I would suggest that you replace these two items with a programmable thermostat, Honeywell or Danfoss, and get the benefit of variable temperature / time settings, 6 per day and optimum start which will save you energy and keep you more comfortable.

    Source(s): S/e electrician 44 years Uk. ( I install loads of heating controls)
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    The lp111 timer has voltage free contacts on the switching side of the timer so it will be compatible with 30si worcester.If the room stat is wired with a feed and a switch wire then it should be okay,if an neutral wire is included to enable the anticipator to work the stat more accurately then i am not so sure.

    Source(s): Gas fitter.not electrician.
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    Get the boiler with an inbuilt programmer.The room-stat might need to be replaced depending what the'boiler controls'voltage boiler requires a 240v ac. supply,but then the transformer in the boiler will convert that voltage down to about 12v dc.which is used to power the'boiler controls',room-stat and programmer.

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    You can get wireless boiler controls

    Check wether your Green star si is compatible

    Just recently had a green star cdi 30 installed with wireless control

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    your boiler only requires a permanent live from a wiring centre and a switched live from your programmer via your room stat to your boilers ta switched wiring points at the wiring point at the pcb

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