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Some questions about Steam?

First off, no "Steam sucks." answers or anything of that sort.

Now, onto my questions..

1. Can I buy, let's say, Bioshock from Best Buy and play it through steam?

2. Can I buy a non-Steam supported game (ex. Crysis) from Best Buy or wherever and play it through Steam?

3. What games should I get? :p

Thanks for your help.

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    "1. Can I buy, let's say, Bio shock from Best Buy and play it through steam?"

    not fully, it ll be a non-steam game playing through the steam launcher (right click and select "add a non-steam game)

    "2. Can I buy a non-Steam supported game (ex. Crysis) from Best Buy or wherever and play it through Steam?"

    this is the same at the last question right click my games window and click add a non steam game

    "3. What games should I get? :p"

    portal is quite good, half life 1 and 2+ the episodes have a look at steams main games screen i think it has a ranking system ether way it depend on what kind of games you like,

    personal I'm still waiting for SPORE to come out and if you have a look and like what you see id wait for it too

    hope this helps, Kiran

    Source(s): im a pc gaming geek (ps. for anyone with jk2 i play on the .....AC server =>)
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    I've bought the Orange Box through a brick-and-mortar store, it was fairly easy to attach that to my Steam account.

    I'm fairly sure non-Steam games can be played through the Steam client, I've seen a few people with games listed on their Steam ID as playable but not released through Steam. I have no personal experience with that and I imagine it would vary from game to game.

    I'm really enjoying Team Fortress 2, and it's pretty cheap at 20 bucks. It's got a funny style, pretty carefully balanced gameplay, fun game modes and maps... They keep releasing new stuff, which is nice. If you don't like cartoony, less serious games I wouldn't suggest it. Of course you should try Portal if you haven't.

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    yes you can go to a retail store and buy a game as long as it is steam supportive, look under steams game list, for example counter strike day of defeat, are popular games and if you can find them at a best buy or a frys they will work on steam, just simply put the sik in and it will set up everything

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    You can register non-Steam products, but I think it only allows some games, not all. I was able to get Dark Messiah to register (before it became a Steam product, since I got it from a store), although for some reason it wouldn't allow me to register Medieval 2 (unless my brother stole the code and lied to me, but he doesn't play that game either).

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