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Could American voters fall for a neocon operation in Georgia ?

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Thursday he suspected someone in the United States provoked the conflict in Georgia in an attempt to help a candidate in the U.S. presidential election.

"It is not just that the American side could not restrain the Georgian leadership from this criminal act. The American side in effect armed and trained the Georgian army," Putin said in an interview with CNN...



I take nothing for granted, no less than the Russian Bear. But this is a very real possibility considering the current administration lies to the American public in order to start wars, and uses torture against its prisoners.

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    Does water fall? : )

    The answer is that many already have... and most will continue to think whatever the moronic, dumbed down and downright biased mainstream media sources tell them... Baaa! (Sadly) The BBC coverage has been a good example - after initially reporting the Georgian attacks and giving the background they are now solely giving the British government view, nothing whatsoever is reported from the breakaway republics point of view and you NEVER see their representatives interviewed. Ever wondered why?

    Publicly available information is as follows:

    1. Eduard Shevardnadze was ousted in a coup in the Rose revolution, almost certainly the CIA would have had prior knowledge if not direct involvement in such an action to influence the outcome - that much is clear from any reading of contemporary history.

    2. He was coincidentally replaced by a more Western leaning individual, Saakashvili, but one with dictatorial leanings, of which more later.

    3. After the arrival of Saakashvili the US started supplying arms - vast amounts over the following few years - and within the last 2-3 months this of this year, that was followed by the arrival of 1,500 US special forces 'advisors' - a number far more than the entire UK special forces, and a huge number for such a country of 4.5 million! Some 500 or so Israeli SF troops have also been said to been sent in recent months - coincidentally just before the attack by Georgia on its breakaway republics.

    4. Those republics previously held internationally monitored votes with huge turnouts (verified at over 90%, in which some 95% of the population voted for independence - from Georgia).

    5. As Saakashvili is backed by the West (he was visited recently by Condi Rice, just days before the attacks, again a matter of some coincidence given the subsequent attack on the breakaway republics!) it is absolutely unthinkable that he would attack these areas, which of course retained Russian peacekeepers since 1992, without Western (i.e. US) backing and encouragement... they are after all receiving considerable US military aid in terms of materiel and manpower / training and US forces were on scene!

    6. A letter to US Secretary David Kramer by human rights watch illustrates that US-backed Saakashvili, has an abysmal human rights record including mass arrests, violation of the legal due process, torture and reduction of the age of criminal responsibility - to 12 years of age! - which begs the question as to WHY we are backing a man who is prepared to torture 12 year old children:


    Of course this may all be pure coincidence, but the timing and roll out of events suggests otherwise... and Putin's reaction (furiously waving his finger at George Bush as he returned home from the Olympics - cynical timing eh? - after the GEORGIAN attack using Multi Launch Rocket Systems against civilian areas, manned by Russian peacekeepers) suggests that we are not being fed the real story.

    So to summarise Saakashvili is OUR man, HE started the war by attacking civilian areas and it is VERY unlikely he did this without clearing it first with his backers.

    Make your own mind up, but I am less inclined to believe in coincidence than I used to be. Anyone interested in the real US foreign policy should read Rogue State by ex-State Department officer William Blum - it makes sobering reading and is based entirely on officially released US and UN documents.

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    Considering that last election they upped the alert color just in time.

    Rove has made it absolutely clear that August is the perfect time to start creating votes for an election. I would absolutely not put this past them and I'm conspiracy theorist.

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    Yes, I have no doubt this a McCain election ploy, US. officials even made the mistake of originally saying Russia over-REACTED, meaning they didn't start the conflict.

    It wouldn't suprise me if Bush Attacked Iran too before the election, in the hope it will benefit McSame's election chances:-


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