is there anyone who can tell me about lebanon ?

is there anyone out there, who live in lebanon who can tell me about it please or syria

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    lebanon is a country in the middle east,but it is like non like u have ever seen in the world,lebanon area is 10,452 km square,yes it is a small country,but as they say,good things come in small packages,and lebanon has it all,this country is a mixture of people and religions and civilizations and belief system all put together in a unique combination like no other in the world,lebanon has both islam and christian religion,and a few other minority belief systems.lebanon currency is the lebanese pound,every 1500 lebanese pound equals 1 american dollar,lebanon has one of the worlds most wonderful nature and climate in the world.although lebanon is a small country,but non the less lebanon has a long mountain range which u Can enjoy mountain sports(snow ski...)and a long sea coast which u can enjoy swimming and tanning on the beach under the sun,lebanon nature does not stop there,since u can visit also the the famous jeaitta grotto,which is a natural wonder of the world that has no equal any where else on the planet.u can also visit many natural forest presevatives on many lebanese area,lebanon has a very nice and peacefull people that are friendly and very open minded,lebanon is generally an every day fashion show every where,since the lebanese people love life and like to keep updated with evevry thing new in every aspect of life.i really recommend u to visit lebanon and see its many wonderful wonders and beuty.these are only a few of the things that u must see and experience in lebanon.

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    I visited Lebanon and my husband is from there. It's a beautiful country. The food is great. If you're a woman, you don't have to cover ur hair or anything. It's a total fashion show in places like Tripoli and Beirut. They drink coffee and tea all the time. They have this awesome little snack called manakish. It has this herbal mixture called zaatar on pita bread and is folded in half and deep fried. You can buy it from the local markets. The music is beautiful. In the cities, people live in apartments. It's never quiet. All through the night, you will hear cars honking. That's another thing. All drivers honk for no apparent reason. They must think no one sees them. Anyway, I hope that helps you.

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    it's in the continent of africa =)

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