Do dr.miracle anti-breakage cream also makes your hair grow?

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I purchased dr.miracle anti-breakage cream yesterday and was wonder do this product make your hair grow to.
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No Dr.Micalce products seem to do nothing but make the scalp tingle Wild growth hair oil and or Doo gro oil's are bertter the oils are awesome I use both grease is bad for the hair use oil instead
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  • Always Seeking Knowledge answered 6 years ago
    Yes it does but it can leave flakes in your hair, try Dr. Miracles's Hot Gro Hair& Scalp Treatment Conditioner instead. I've used all his products except relaxer. That tingly feeling is like a menthol for the scalp waking it.
    Also for growth Keep hair conditioned, and wear off the shoulder as much as possible, you split your ends on clothing. Keep heat off hair as much as possible also if you flat iron or use curling irons, try using a heat protector like MegaSilk Heat Protection Spray, you can find that at Sally's.
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  • HerecomesME! answered 6 years ago
    No, none of them work. They are mineral oil, preservative laden products that do not promote hair growth...the most that they do is coat the hair cuticle and pores to prevent the hair from breaking, BUT you can use a carrier oil and get the same results withut clogging your pores. Dr. Miracles is a scam.


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