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Gwen Stefani's new son - ZUMA!?

What is Gwen Stefani thinking? She must be a really selfish person to give her SON this name.

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    I know a woman who named her child Lexus b/c that's where the kid was conceived. People just get ideas in their head and go with it.

    Zuma's an awful name, but it's an important place for both of them, so I guess it's no worse than people named Virginia or Georgia.

    Maybe they can just call him Zoom and he'll be inspired to change the world of track and field forever.

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    I have to wonder, WAS Gwen Stefani thinking when she gave her son this name, or was she still a little loopy on the delivery meds? There's a really stupid game on called Zuma, and that's the first thing I thought of when I saw she had named her son that. Eesh!

  • She's just another celebrity that gave their kid a dumb name. Zuma Nesta Rock is just horrible. For awhile now I've thought Kingston had a bad name, but I'm seriously thinking he got the lucky one out of the bunch. Zuma Zuma Zoooommmmm.......... horrible!

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    I know this question is old, but I seriously ADORE the name. I find Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale silly thought, but Zuma alone is fine. It's very pretty.

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    apparently she wasn't thinking!

    it is hideous and he doesn't even have a decent middle name for back up!!

    well i guess she can afford the therapy he may need because of it!!!

    hopefully when hes old enough to talk he will say Zuma sucks that is a stupid name !!! it is not my name any more!!! my name from now on is John or Frank or James or Robert!!!! poor child!!!

    i think most celebs are just reaching when they do this and are far more concerned with being unique and cool than what is in the best interest of their children!!! it is the most selfish thing for any one to do not just celebs but any one!!!

    keep it real!!! traditional names,gender appropriate,classic spellings never go out of style.they are far more dignified and refined and do not invite ridicule and shame like the trendy,made up,misspelled,this spells whatever backwards crapola and gender inappropriate that is being confused with being unique,which it is not!!!just my opinion,but i am not alone.

    many people will say they like your kids wacky name to your face but behind your back they are laughing at you and feeling sorry for your kids!!! good luck!

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    I know it's awful! I thought it was a girl at first when I heard the name. I wonder what her parents think? They'll have to tell their friends, " Here I've got a photo of my new grandson-Zuma Nesta Rock!" Eww!

  • Zuma? Thats a terrible name to give your DAUGHTER, but naming your son that is just wrong! Wow. What's his middle name? :o)

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    Sadly, I think I've seen worse!!

    How about Coco or Free or Heavenly? Or how about Audio Science???? Or Dweezil, Moon Unit, or Diva Muffin???

    All the names are on this site:

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    I know a woman named Zuma, but that is exactly what it is a girl's name. At least in my thoughts.

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    Another Celebrity ruining their child's life... as if Michael Lohan hadn't done enough! lol

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