Does watching smarter shows make you clever?

If you watch clever shows that are smarter rub off on you? Do you think what you watch on television has a huge impact on you? I find that a lot of programs on the BBC are very clever and the british population must be very funny as a result of the very clever programs like Would I lie to you? etc. Any perspective on this?

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  • CDT
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    1 decade ago
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    Well I'm British and I can assure you that the British population is no cleverer or funnier than the population of anywhere else!

    The population of this country are as human as anyone else and don't necessarily spend their time watching documentaries or programmes featuring Stephen fact, the British public seems to have a fascination with "reality" TV shows and "celebrities" - combining the two and having "celebrity reality TV" makes for enormous viewing figures...apparantly :) (or that's the reason we're given for the endless stream of so-called "celebrities" on TV shows set in the "jungle", on islands, in purpose-built "Big Brother houses" or involving them learning to skate/sing/dance etc)

    We have our fair share of poor-quality rubbish on the TV here too and a vast amount of "imported" TV from other countries and endless repeats :D - but the poor quality stuff tends to be mostly on cable and satellite channels. Because we have to possess a licence to receive TV broadcasts and the BBC receives revenue from that, they are legally obliged to produce a wide variety of programming of a high quality. The terrestrial commercial TV channels (ITV, C4 and C5) also follow suit but to a lesser extent, as they have no legal obligation to produce the same sort of programmes as the BBC as they do not receive government revenue.

    But yes, I do think that if you watch programmes that are "intellectual", then it will have an effect on you in exactly the same way as if you read an encyclopedia, you're going to "learn" more in academic terms than if you read the TV guide...

    Source(s): I'm British!
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    1 decade ago

    I suppose if you watch game shows, like the BBCs The Weakest Link, you can boost your general knowledge by remembering the answers. Though in order to appear clever, that particular subject would have to come up in conversation in order for you to say it otherwise you might look a bit weird/random by bringing it up.

    The BBC, i think, has more factual programs about different subjects like the human body and how it works to the coast and the history of britain. If you pick up different things on these subjects you can discuss them with friends and appear cleverer but only if you have a good sound knowledge and you are confident.

    It is very easy to pick up things from TV shows and replay them to people you know etc.

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    4 years ago

    i imagine you question is truly stupid. South Park is a really sensible teach and any fart jokes that it does do, is accomplished in an ironic way. What about the place of work very established and extremely sensible? television is as sensible and as stupid because it ever replaced into actually distinction now might want to be there is extra of it. What may you consider a sensible comedy?

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    7 years ago

    yes , of course , it can help to do better decide for us. you could see that you can learn more about it.

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