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what is the best way to kill a main character in an out of the blue accident at the end of a story?

I am nearing the end of the story I'm writing and my thing is that the main character dies after they triumphantly achieve everything, but i want her to die in an out of the blue accident that does not happen every day. I'm stuck... how to kill her ( not in a car accident, to easy ) PLEASE HELP ME!!

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    Say leukemia...? The advanced one, so it becomes untreatable. XD

    Or, if it has to be an accident, maybe being electrocuted by loose wiring or something...?

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    Isn't the whole 'triumphantly achieves everything and dies out of the blue at the end' thing, extremely cliché?

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    Spontaneous beri aneurysm. Essentially the small intestine ruptures bile flows into the bloodstream, poisoning a person. This can be caused by eating something, although it is usually an internal break-down or clot.

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    Drowns saving a child in a public swimming pool

    Struck by lightning when holding an umbrella

    Hit in the head with a soccer ball which knocks her/him unconcious and he falls off the stadium, dying

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    i think of of the character ought to desire to be somewhat older probable fourteen so she truly likes somebody and undesirable themes realy do ensue too me she sounds too youthful,To be consumer-friendly Mara and Monica do basically no longer sound suited for the character. Cathy may be a robust danger. as nicely the shown actuality that attempt those names too: Carol Cassidy Natalie Lydia Haley Emma Rachel Jennifer

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    Try watching South Park for inspiration (Not the season where Kenny doesn't die).

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    She gets depressed about something and walks out. a storm comes and she cant see way and falls of a cliff or gets hit somehow

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    How about sitting on the edge of a window and falling?

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    Someone falls out of an airplane and lands on her.

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    Don't kill her. That makes things really annoying.

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