how to get a job for the united states postal services ?

my friend has been stressing about getting a job as a carrier for the USPS. He took the test and got a great score of 98.6 %. I know there is a waiting list and you must always follow up with applications. I live in San Diego, CA and any knowledgeable advice or info would be awesome and greatly appreciated!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    At least in theory, these jobs are based largely on the test scores. However, if your friend really achieved the test score you state, I would be sending letters to my Congressman and my two Senators, asking them to recommend the USPS to investigate and determine why someone with such high test scores has not been at least contacted. The USPS says it makes decision on a non-political basis. However, if

    they get letters from a congressman and two senators asking questions, they might get more interested in this person's application. The old bromide, "The squeaking wheel gets the grease," is just as true as it ever was. jd

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