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How long will the Sharp Aquos 500 last?

I work at a radio station and we carry NASCAR races from MRN (the Motor Racing Network). The races that I do usually begin around 1:15 pm and end somewhere in the neighborhood of 5:15 pm.

However, this upcoming Sunday is the Sharp Aquos 500 from the California Speedway, and coverage doesn't even BEGIN until 7:15 pm (the race usually starts about an hour after coverage starts). Do you, NASCAR fans, have any idea of what time this race will be over?

I'd like to get out of there as early as possible, so I'm hoping it'd be around 11:00 pm. Does that sound reasonable?

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    This year its going to be called the Pepsi 500 and it will be about 4 hours long.

    It's a 2 mile track with average speeds of about 150 mph.

    500 / 150 = 3.33

    Add 30 minutes for cautions and you have about 4 hours of actual race time once the race starts. That's not including pre-race and post-race activities.

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    that's what i anticipate: a million. Jeff Gordon 2. Martin Truex 3. Clint Bowyer 4. Juan Montoya (If he behaves) 5. Tony Stewart 6. Matt Kenseth 7. Dale Jr. (If he would not blow up) 8. Kasey Kahne 9.Jimmie Johnson 10. Denny Hamlin

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    500 miles.

    It's virtually impossible to predict a time. There are too many factors that can play into it.

    I agree that 4 hours should be about right though.

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    From what I have seen in the past, I would estimate it at about 12am (midnight) eastern time. However, sporting events can not be calculated precisely to the right time, there may be unforseen effects such as red flags, rain, etc.

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    Midnight ET. I know for a fact because I watched the race last year.

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