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how can you make fat free pudding without the packages of instant pudding like jell-o?

home made I guess (?)

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    you wnat to make a custard. below is a recipe

    2 cups skim milk

    4 tbsp vanilla

    3/4 cup sugar

    2 egg yolks

    4 tbsp. cornstarch

    1/3 cup cold water

    in bowl mix cornstarch and cold water with your hands so there is no lumps.

    mix sugar and egg yolks

    add cornstarch solution to sugar solution.

    heat milk in sauce pan just until the milk is warm

    you need to add the milk slowly to the egg, sugar cornstarch solution so the eggs do not cook. This is called tempering.

    Using a ladle add 1 ladle and mix into sugar, cornstarch solution. mix for 30 seconds

    repeat process.

    Until all milk is now in bowl with eggs, sugar, cornstarch.

    Now pour all ingredients into the sauce pan. Over low heat bring solution back to boil.Stirg a wooden spoon stir making sure that ypou get into the bottom edges of the pan.

    when sauce comes to a boil it is finished.

    Refridgerate unti cold

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    Any dessert can be made low fat or fat free by just using fat free milk or whatever - custard or cornstarch pudding as some call it - in australia I make the same but call it blancmange

    An easy way to make a very quick pud is to place the custard powder or cornstarch in a bowl with sugar to taste and enough powdered skim milk plus vanillla to flavour to make the quantity you want of milk - mix it up to a paste with a little cold water and then stirring quickly add boiling water to make up the rest of the quantity of custard or starch pud - if necessary put in microwave for 1-2 minutes to finish off the thickening process

    If you want a quick and easy recipe here is one

    Grab a can of unsweetened condensed skinny milk and chill it in freezer

    Make a jelly or jello depending where you live and chill it till it starts to thicken but is still liquid

    Open the milk and whip till light and fluffy and fold in or whip in the jelly.

    Pour or pile into a mould rinsed with water or a nice glass dish and chill - either scoop out of the bowl or turn the mould upside down on a plate and serve with either fresh or stewed fruit - Voila! yummmmmmmm

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    look on the box of fat free pudding and write down all of the ingredients and experiment with them until you get it right!

    And when you get it just right, celebrate your success with a desert!

    ....possibly..... Pudding?

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    Hi - replace cream with youghurt - butter with olive oil - etc etc there is a replacement for all fats and some taste even better!!!

    Garlic bread made with the best quality olive oil is sooooo much better than that made with butter and I was such a butter freak!

    I even had a black forrest cake made with beetroot lately - YUM!!

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    are you looking for a recipe? I know that you use fat free milk.

    Try this link:


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    Maybe put skim milk in a sauce pan and add corn starch and add flavorings, such as melting chocolate and stir constantly until it all thickens and comes together and then add vanilla.


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    search it on google

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