Events that happened in Canada???

I'm doing a school report and I have the country Canada. What are important events that took place in Canada that are not natural disaters? Thanks for your answers!

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    you make it sounds like canada is really foriegn, where not that different from the states, start with the discovery of canada, because they found it before the states, then go into the importance of the fur trade, and the hudsons bay company (still exists today, its a dept. store, simalair to macy's) then go into confederation,(first 4 provences) all the other ones that joined later, talk about loius reil for a bit in the joining of manitoba. then go into how we have proveneces and teritories, and how they differ, then go into more modern day stuff, like how we have butter tarts, and the states doesnt... and other things we are famous for (theres lots...)

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