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who started the war russia or georgia?

i was reading newspapers, watching tv news all about this war. i went through lies and truth. mostly they told lies about russia to show how americans hate russia and how aggressive russians are! and they lie because they all are not sure of situation.russians are not aggressive they just protect their people.what would u do if some other person hit ur child?are u gona protect him?same as russia,parent and osetians who are russian people they r children who need to have protection.would u react fast like russia did?or u gona wait for someones oppinion for 3 weeks that what eu wanted?no.every one was scared because russia were serious and everyone tried to stop it by breakin its reputation in other countries.georgia wanted south osetia to be as a part of georgia,but they didnt ask it political way.they had a lots of chances to get it in peacefull way.america r just lookin for the point they could earn of this war.but we are all same people and there is nothing beter than half american and half russia


i want to know what u think that why i am asking

Update 2:

sky tv is the best. watch rte2 and see all the truth.but think we all gona know it very soon.may be i was wrong in some parts or miss ya all comfused in ur answers!

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    Georgia about 500 years ago.

    Are any of you that think Russia started this war know the history of that region????????????

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    1st element: whoever claims only one area is at fault - is a fool. 2nd - Georgia isn't something yet a pawn interior the conflict of the giants (West , u . s . vs. East, Russia) Russia provoked the placement because of the fact Georgia turns into in general professional-western and professional-American (truly the president, no longer the persons of Georgia), that's a hazard to Russian growing to be objectives. u . s . additionally provokes the placement with the aid of putting that is professional complexes around Russia. If Georgia turns right into a member of NATO it truly is an instant hazard to Russia. So Russian plan become likely to change the present president and his government in Georgia. and additionally you are able to understand present day government basically got here to ability with American help. ---------------- do no longer choose go intimately of the entire South Ossetia concern, despite if, the region is extremely distinct.there have been consistently conflicts. that is truly basic to spark up a conflict there, which will become some thing better like maximum excellent now. huge boys will consistently use this of their huge boys hobbies. --------------- additionally u . s . is strictly the comparable way for all of the yankee brainwashed vegetables. concern in Kosovo / Yugoslavia in 97 is a hundred% duplicate of a present day concern. basically then u . s . become bombing a suitable u . s . a . of Yugoslavia, killing civilians and militia.

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    The Russians started attacking Georgians first. Abkhazia and South Ossetia both have been ethnically cleansing their regions of georgians with the help of the Russians for years. Just because your Russian and refuse to admit the atrocities your country commits does not make you right. South Ossetia and Abkhazia are both part of Georgia and all the traitors should be round up and shot.

    Source(s): And how exactly did you go through tv and newspapers and decide what were lies and what were truths? Thats nothing more than your uninformed delusional opinion.
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    Georgia started it. They attacked South Ossetia. Most Ossetians hold Russian citizenship. The Russian response was massively over-proportionate, but it was the Georgians who fired the first shot. Let me repeat that for the hard of hearing: GEORGIA STARTED THE WAR BY SHELLING RUSSIAN CITIZENS.

    I'm by no means pro-Russian, but these are the facts. Look them up for yourselves. The fact that there are people here who believe Russia attacked first is deeply worrying.

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    Russia started it by invading the democratic nation of Georgie. The Georgians were addressing the issues of rebels in a part of their country and Russia went to town.

    Stop being so paranoid. I know a few Russians, there is a REASON they live here in the US and not in Russia.

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    What a childish rant and week propaganda effort,,, you really expect people to believe Georgia attacked Russia,,, oh lol.

    This was a planned effort on Russia's part. Georgia's only mistake was falling for it.

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    Well, Russia was the one bombing, invading, and occupying Georgia. I'm not aware of a single incident involving Georgians moving into or bombarding Russia. Makes it pretty clear.

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    It was Georgia but the neocons have been pushing it for quite sometime. They need wars. It is their bread & butter.

    God Speed

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    Your answers are all here!

    Georgia started it, Russia engaged in military conflict, stopped mass killing of innocent people, provided aid and security for people caught in between, and now are going back home, all within 14 days! WoW!! That's impressive.

    Look at all the uneducated answers, shut your T.V's off people!!

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