Do you think we were Apes and then evolved to humans?

ok first off i dont think i was ape!! besides... the first people on earth were adam and eve! and how could apes evolve?? if we did it was probably god... but i doubt that! why would he pick an ape??? and can u tell me supposedly the "evolution" from ape to man?? i only know home erectus and homo sapien and neanderthal. could u tell me the "evolution" in order?


umm ok... then how come apes r still around???? wouldnt they turn into humans? but not quickly, but in progress?? and plus ppl have their believes and im not offended i can say that someone is ugly, and someone might say they are pretty. its all opinions GET THAT STRAIGHT. and adam and eve, well i have to believe in them its my "religion" so dont be telling how to believe or anything and shrew??? who u calling a shrew??? all it is is an opinion god u dont have to start callin me names and idk if adam and eve r real so what. apes must have came from somewhere right???? ohh soo apes came from heaven pshh apes came from god !

Update 2:

uhh i dont go to those kind of schools.... i go to public school

Update 3:

omg shane shut up i dont follow god's road all the time im not a cathoic girl who prays constantly . i NEVER pray. i cuss,i break some of the 10 commandments at least once so shutm up

Update 4:

and just a gorilla dude u need to keep ur mouth shut ok? if we r ape idc but its my OPINION that we were not. and its acceptable to me if we are but if we were, where did those apes come from?? could u tell me that? and 4 the last time I am not always on god's side! im freakin catholic! but still, i disobey what i am supposed to do so where did apes come from huh????

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    So, you've already made up your mind?

    Humans are part of the hominid family. They are both part of and descended from them. The process of this development is called evolution. In brief, this means that new species develop and expand as they are better at dealing with their environment then others. See:

    for a discussion of the evolution process.

    The hominids include humans and the apes. They are part of the family Hominidae, of the order Primate. Humans did not "descend from the apes" We share a common ancestor with them and are considered "cousins." Chimpanzees, our closest relative, share a 99% match in DNA. In protein sequencing, the match is closer, no differences at all. When man's protein sequencing is compared to gorillas there is only two differences in the match with hemoglobin, red blood cells and amino acids. Lastly the antgen-antibody reaction for humans is 97% from chimpanzees compared to 50% for baboons. In other words we're related. DNA is today used to show how closely people are related (as in determining paternity) and to determine if people were at a crime scene (as a means to determine guilt or innocence). It also is used to determine how long ago species split off from each other.

    The split from the apes is put at 8 million years ago. That's based both on the fossil remains and the know rate of change for DNA..

    We could go on with the transitional fossils (ie "Missing links) but lots of creationists love to ask about the "missing link" between the 'missing links." What about "Adam and Eve?

    Most cultures, or religions, tribes or groups, have a creation story. This explains, at least for the group involved, how things began and how they came to be. My Scandinavian ancestors had ice giants eroding out of the glacier. Then came the gods and finally man. The Navajo tell of climbing out of a hole to reach this land, then having to return to fetch things that had been forgotten. A Japanese version has the gods creating the islands of Japan by pulling the mud from the sea. Some of the tales can be traced to the actual journeys of the group, or to past events. Others cannot be matched to history.

    There is often a difference between what a group's creation story says and what science has determined based on facts. Further, not all of the creation stories match each other nor can all be correct.

    This is not to put any specific group or the group's story down. There's just a difference. "Adam and Eve were the first people on earth" is only one of the many creation stories.

    Based on the bible, Archbishop Ussher in Annales veteris testamenti, a prima mundi origine deducti determined the earth dated from 23 October 4004 BC. The Biblical data places the Flood at 2304 BC +/- 11 years. Reading of the flood you'll find that all creatures left of earth were killed as we all Humans except Norah's family. With such a small gene pool how did we develop into the various races? Where did the water for the flood come from? How did kangaroos and platypus get to Australia, Tigers to well as all the insects? After landing the ark was opened and the animals released. how did they get to the unique places that we find them today?

    When you examine the creationist theories (and they are only theories) you find that several include evolution and natural selection. Further others take liberties with just what the bible said. One example, the original word in the bible for 'day' meant a 24 hour day.However some theories argue that this could mean millions of years for each 'day."

    Finally I ran into this interesting comment:

    "Anyone worried about atheism should be more concerned about creationism...By saying that only one religious interpretation is correct and universal, creationism typically is a rejection of every other religious interpretation. For example, young-earth creationists reject the religious interpretation that the universe is more than 10,000 years old (Sarfati 2004), and design theorists reject the idea that God has guided evolution (Dembski 1996). For people whose beliefs about God differ from those of a creationist, that creationism might just as well be atheistic."

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    First of all we didn't evolve from apes. We and the apes evolved from a common ancestor. Which was probably very much like an ape. Secondly, apes are still evolving! Given time, millions of years, they might evolve into more intelligent beings! Some people used to think black people in Africa were evolving apes, but not as far evolved as us. (No kidding! They really did! This was a justification for slavery.) Some species have been around for tens of millions of years without changing at all. Alligators and crocodiles, for instance, have been just the same since the time of the dinosaurs. So why didn't they evolve? There is a part of evolutionary theory called 'punctuated equilibrium' that explains why part of a population evolves and part doesn't. The way it works (according to the theory) is that a population of animals evolves to match their environment. Once they do, they stop changing because they are 'perfectly' evolved for their environment. Then some group of these animals leave that environment--for instance, the valley where they live is crowded so they migrate over the hills into the next valley. The environment there is different, so those few of those animals who are better suited to the new environment have an advantage, so they they begin evolving again until they once more reach 'equilibrium' with their new environment. So now you have two species, or subspecies, where before you had only one. In fact this was what led Darwin to this theory in the first place. He visited the Galapagos Islands where each island had a slightly different variety of turtles, birds, etc., because the environments of these islands were all a little different. Meanwhile those crocodiles, who have been in equilibrium with their environment for all this time, haven't changed much in 40 million years, because their environment hasn't changed!

  • Anonymous
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    No, i do not believe humans evolved from apes at all. Firstly the word i see occuring a lot today in any human creation topic is "theory". Theory is an idea and based on no factual evidence. Even though people claim humans and apes evolved from a similar or "one" ancestor, surely that had to of been created to start with? This of course comes down to the fact we were created from god. Believe human creation on what is the most factual which in my opinion is the bible. We must believe what has been left behind for us to see and it certaintly isn't the transformation of apes to humans. The problem is there are too many theories and not enough facts and people today are being made to believe anything that could seem remotely possible, in this case evolution. There's no real convincing evidence of this to humans and its just another one of a 'bunch' of curious theories, 'big bang' is another one. It must come down to a superior creator why we are here, 'God'. At least there is some factual information on that. Most importantly i think its the best explanation on how everything has been created as someone or something had to put it there.

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    Humans are apes - the term ape encompasses all living (and extinct) member of the superfamily hominoid, including both the great apes (Humans, Chimpanzees, Bonobos, Orangutans, and Gorillas) and lesser apes (Gibbons). Humans and all other apes share a common ancestor. Chimpanzee's (and Bonobo's) are the most recent ancestor to modern humans, with the split happening between 5-7 Million years ago.

    Numerous intermediate fossils between this ancestor and modern humans have been identified including (in order of appearance, with the oldest species first):

    (Ape-Human common ancestor)

    Ardipithecus ramidus

    Australopithecus afarensis

    Australopithecus africanus

    Australopithecus anamensis

    Australopithecus garhi

    Australopithecus aethiopicus

    Australopithecus boisei

    Australopithecus robustus

    Homo habilis

    Homo rudolfensis

    Homo ergaster

    Homo erectus

    Homo neanderthalensis

    (Homo sapiens)

    Its important to note that not all of these species listed are our ancestors i.e there is not a linear progression from one species to another. Some of these species may have coexisted with other species at the same time, with only one of these species going on to eventually become modern humans (for example Neanderthals are thought to have existed during the same time period as modern humans - more like our cousins [like chimpanzees] than our ancestors.

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  • JimZ
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    Believe it or not, interestingly we are apes. We are the naked ape, the third chimpanzee and the last in a line of bipedal apes. There is really not much distinguishing us from other apes. We decide where to draw the boundary lines so we chose to separate ourselves but you must understand this is completely arbitrary. Based on our DNA we are extremely closely related to chimps and less so to Gorillas. Based on the average rate of change of mitochondrial DNA, we had a last common ancestor with chimps 6 million years ago give or take a million and 7 to 8 million years ago with gorillas.

    There was a bipdal ape that lived over 6 million years ago called Ororin. We only have fragmentary fossil evidence so we don't know what it looked like. With limited fossil evidence, it is impossible to be sure what is our ancestor. From Ororin, it probably went to Australopithecus Afarensis, then to A. Africanus, (skipping to major ones), H. rudolphensis, then to H. heidelbergensis and then to us.

  • Anonymous
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    The reason that there are still apres is because humans branched off from apes, so they continued to exist in seperate forms. all life came from a single origin which branched off like a giant tree. As for adam and eve being the first people, what's the proff? the bible, a book that couldv'e been writeen by anyone and contains information with nop justification. i respect your faith, but if you want people to respect your beliefs i believe it is prudent to learn of other beliefs. Go do some research on evolution

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    Personally, I did not believe in apes at first. Then I took Anthropology 101 at community college (because I needed to take a science course for my Business degree, so I said what the heck), and then my perception changed, and apes dominated my mind. Now, after taking the course, I personally believe that there was only one human race, and with the pass of time, and different environments, other species started to develop, among them, the human specie. I believe God created one specie, and from there, lions, fish, cats, humans, and yes, apes, came along to live happily ever after, here on earth. This is just my personal opinion, and I do hope it helps.

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    Let me guess you go or went to a religious school that censors the books in the science section and now you have to do a science assignment about evolution or you finally have access to a library that has real science books or you got uncensored net access?

    There are several good explanations and sets of links contributed by other posters.

    As a Christian who has no problems with evolution the best thing I suggest is that you keep an open mind and work your way thru articles and books online or in the library that will introuduce you to critical reasoning and philosophy and real science.

    There is an excellent book by Joan Roughgarden a Christian biologist that may help unconfuse you.

    Source(s): Real Adult Christians learn to balance faith and reason! though I kinda suspect my studies of the Classics helped?
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    no, I can't tell you the oder, but i think your problem is that you are thinking that YOU were an ape and this concept is unacceptable to you. You, yourself were never an ape in the sense of today's apes. . But our human ancestors evolved from the same critters that the other apes did. We are very closely related to them. Personally, I am proud to have a connection to so noble a creature. They are not destructive, and as humans, we sure have messed this place up good. -gorilla

    ps adam and eve is a bedtime story

    Source(s): Noah told me
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    Why wouldn't you believe that we evolved? We, and lots of other living things are constantly evolving and who knows what we'll look like in 1,000 years. Also, apes are almost exactly the same as humans. They started off as apes, evolved into something more human like, then something more and so on.

    Get it in your head SHREW.

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