What kind of commercially aviable bullets will defeat body armor. Assuming any will.?

Hello i am currently loading up some .223 and 5.7x28 ammo to stock pile and i am wondering what would be the best bullet would perform best against body armor. Please no lectures about there being no need for this stuff. If your anti gun that your choice and i respect that but the simple truth is there have been several violate crimes commit ed in my area where the crooks have worn body armor and yes should the government come to take my guns i plan to fight. If you want to hand your over so be it i respect that is your decision.

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    Most body armor isn't all that its cracked up to be..... Level I & II are easily defeated by .223 and most other center-fire rifle cartridges....

    Some level III can not be penetrated by .223 and 7.62X39MM but are easily penetrated by .308, 30-06 and other hunting cartridges....

    Most of the body armor the local cops use is effective against handgun bullets but not much else......



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    62 grain M855 ball ammo, standard military green tip. You can, sometimes, get just the bullets. Sometimes they are not actually military, just made to be similar. Sometimes, they just dip the tips of standard lead-core bullets in green paint, a total fraud.

    Best to buy assembled ammo, and check the head stamp.

    You will need a rifle in 5.56NATO chambering (not .223) and with a 1/9, 1/8, or 1/7 rifling twist. A .223 rifle might be over-pressured by 5.56NATO ammunition. And a 1/12 rifling twist, very rare, will not stabilize the projectile of this weight.

    If you need to buy/build a rifle... Colt, FN, BCM, LMT, and CMMG are the acceptable companies for the barrel, bolt, and bolt carrier.

    If I were you, I would buy the ammo already loaded and ready to go on stripper clips. It costs 40-60cents per round, but that is OK since you won't be shooting this expensive, high quality stuff every range trip... that is what reloads are for. The factory-loaded ammo will be to the correct pressure (high, but not too high) and such, and you will probably have better performance.

    If you need additional information on building a rifle (you save money by building it, and it isn't hard) here is a link. Whether you agree with their politics or not, they definitely know their rifles. http://www.awrm.org/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_top...

    Any ammo sold as SS109, it should look practically identical, will also be sufficient. SS109 is just the foreign designation for M855.

    www.cheaperthandirt.com has it. www.sportsmansguide.com has it.

    Most gun shows will have it, for a very fair price.

    Good luck.

    Addition: This, of course, is best for lighter armor. Stuff like dragon skin and interceptor will both stop M855 ball ammunition. Most common criminals, will not be wearing any battle-field-type armor because it is so heavy, bulky, and visible.

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    Best Body Armor Plates

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    Best Soft Body Armor

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    Virtually all modern high velocity rifles rounds will defeat most body armor but to quote G. Gordon Liddy, aim for the head since you know they will be wearing armor.

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    Depends on the armor. Most soft body armor which are levels I, II, IIIA will not stop those rifle rounds unless a ballistic ceramic plate is inserted. Ballistic plates will stop those rounds as well as IV armor.

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    Most centerfire rifle ammo will go through all but the heaviest body armor.

    That's why Biden and Obama want to ban ammo.

    The next thing they'll do is take a marker and write "body armor" on a tissue have and have some one shoot a .22 through it so they can ban that too.

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    If you really want a defensive rifle which will leave an impression, then get yourself a .45-70 and pick up some hard cast bullets. You do not have to worry about defeating armor (which it WILL do) if the person can not breathe and their heart is not beating.. http://www.garrettcartridges.com/products.asp

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    Just thought I'd throw in that the 16mm steel plate is nearly 2/3 of an inch thick! Can you imagine wearing, say, a 3/4 inch thick plate just to be sure? I wouldn't get far wearing very much of that! Regards, Larry.

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    i understand your thoughts. I would think any Hi velocity rifle round would do as long as they arent wearing the hard core ceramic plate stuff. Most armor is made to stop handguns up to a 44.

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