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Which Medicare plan is best in Broward County Florida ?

Which Medicare plan is best in Broward County

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    There is no one plan that's best for everyone; if there was it would be the only plan sold.

    There are two types of Medicare plans - there are Medicare Supplements plans A through L and Medicare Advantage plans. There are several different types of Medicare Advantage plans - HMO, PPO, POS, PFFS, MSA.

    Medicare Supplements are regulated by the government and are exactly the same no matter the company - the only difference is premium. No Supplement has drug coverage so you need a stand-alone Part D plan which could be from the same or a different company. A Supplement is better for people who don't mind the higher premium or those that use medical service frequently. Also better for people who want the freedom to choose any Medicare approved doctor.

    A Medicare Advantage plan, most which include drug coverage, has a lower premium but also has co-pays when you use medical services. With most people the co-pays are less than the additional premium of a Supplement. HMO, PPO, and POS plans have doctor networks while PFFS and MSA plans don't.

    Medicare can get very confusing. Visit a local agent that works with all the major companies in your area. The agent can analyze your needs and find the best plan for you. There is no extra charge using an agent.

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    Plan C is medicare Advantage

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