Immigration Laws????

What are the current laws for immigration... like do you become a citizen if you marry someone or has that changed???? i want good answers with excellent sources..

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    The Immigration and Nationality Act is there for you to read if you want to know about immigration laws in general.

    It's hundreds of pages so I don't think anyone can tell you all about the current laws for immigration here.

    However and regarding your specific question on whether a foreigner acquires US citizenship if they marry a US citizen, that is not the case and had not been so for years and years.

    A foreigner who marries a US citizen is typically eligible to apply for a green card, provided they are in the USA legally at the time they apply for the green card. Once the green card is granted, a foreigner shall maintain permanent residence in the USA and remain married to the person through which they got their green card for no less than 3 years from the date they were granted permanent residence, before they can apply for US citizenship.

    See section 319 of the INA on that topic.

    More generally you should see INA III Chapter 2 on the topic of naturalization.

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  • 1 decade ago

    there was no such law that you become Citizen just marrying someone. Once you marry US Citizen, US Citizen file the petition and you file for the green card application to become Permanent resident. Then you will get 2 year Conditional Permanent Resident and before it expires, your spouse and you file to Remove the condition and get you 10 year green card. 3 years after you have become PR and maintained PR status and marriage, you can file for Citizenship.

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  • Beulah
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    1 decade ago

    First of all you will need to let folk know which country you are in, and where you want to immigrate to?

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