Is it really selfish for someone to want to keep the money they worked so hard to earn?

Or is it more selfish to expect the government to take the money that other people worked for and give it to you?
Update: So whimsy it's selfish not to like paying oppressive taxes and not selfish to receive excessive benefits from those taxes?
Update 2: The fine men and women of the US military are doing a thankless job abd are earning every cent they recieve. As a matter of fact I would support pay increases for all of them.
Update 3: I never said I supported NO taxes or that that was realistic in any way.
Update 4: I can certainly embrace the idea of helping my fellow citizen. However, I should decide how, when and how much. The government shouldn't be in the business of confiscating money to give to others.
Update 5: Phil, you are right that the abuses are the biggest problem but some maybe the level of government that is trying to take care of all of this. The nation is very large and for the Federal government to oversee all of these vast programs is probably not practical and just causes more waste.
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