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Whats the difference between the Sims 2 on gamecube and PC?

I have the gamecube version but it seems a little limited. And I read that in the PC version there are a lot more things you can do. Can anyone help me?


Oh yea and I know from Sims 1 that you can make 2 level homes, but on the gamecube you can only make one floor homes. Can you make multi level homes in the PC version?

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    EDIT: By default you can make 4 level houses on the PC. By using cheats, if your machine is good enough, you can make even taller buildings.

    There is a world of difference.

    The console versions - all of them - lack the ability for sims to have babies, who in turn can grow up and be parents themselves.

    You can add expansion and stuff packs (add ons) to The Sims 2 on PC and can't on the console. Add the expansions that you want, don't buy the ones you don't have any interest in.

    The game is also more open ended on the PC - There isn't a bunch of stuff you have to do to advance from one area to another. The whole things is basically open to your sims to explore.

    On the PC you can make your own objects, or download the objects created by other people. There are awesome custom content sites all over the internet full of beautiful work by talented users. Some people learn to make movies with their sims and post them on YouTube.

    Here's a sampler of stuff made by people who play The Sims 2 on PC:

    Incredible buildings:

    Beautiful hair:

    Rugs for any decor:

    Other houses:

    And well, there's more than I can really describe in full. Read sites like Mod The Sims 2 and you can learn a ton about the game in detail.

    One last link to their game help tutorial page:

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    The gamecube version is very limited. On the pc version new things are added all the time like new expansions (pets, seasons, freetime etc.) You can also build shopping centres restaurants clothes shops and alot more! I purchased the pc version just a few weeks ago. I think it is brilliant!!!

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    you can leave and go out to places. the pc version has many expansions that change gameplay. like vampires and going on vacation. sims can have kids on the pc. last but not least sims can choose custom made homes. call many services. sims also can get many different jobs.

    Source(s): i have both versions.
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    In the PC version you can download stuff like clothes, furniture, electronics and stuff like that.

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