Have y'all read the Rolling Stone article about Tony Stewart?

It's on the cover of their newest issue! It has great pictures. But you can read it on their website, too.


I love how it went beyond the sanitized tone that NASCAR has been trying to push, and I still have a crush on him, but the question "Why is that boy still single?" got answered for me.

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    LOVED this article. A lot of people around the internet have been saying that they were disgusted by some of the comments Tony made. My answer to them? Lighten up! Sure he's obnoxious, opinionated, and can be a complete asshole, but that's what makes him Tony. He doesn't sugarcoat what comes out of his mouth and I can appreciate that kind of honesty. There is too much tip toe bullshit going on in NASCAR these days.

    Now......I have to agree that this article pretty much clears up the reason that he's still single. Would I date him? No. But do I still have a crush on him? You bet your *** I do. Never change Smoke!

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    One thing about it, it was Tony being Tony. I loved it. He's always been one of my favorites. He might be crude at times but he is honest and not afraid to speak his mind. Inside that "Bad Boy" image everyone likes to give him is a heart of gold that's as big as all outdoors. He still lives a simple life and is a good down to earth guy.Look at all he does for charities and things in his hometown. Great article, thanks for posting it!. Have a star.

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    Love that a driver made Rolling Stone and Tony is Grrreat!

  • Stewart's No. 20 Home Depot Toyota — "Rides like a soapy dishrag!" Stewart complained to me the night before — just finished a distant 14th. Even worse, Jimmie Johnson won the race. Jimmie f*cking Johnson: the glad-handing, charity-golf-event-hosting, Eddie Haskell-acting, California-born suck-up.

    ROTF... Wow, I love it. Stewart may not be my favorite driver to watch win races, but I love to hear him talk.

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    Yup. I loved that it was so candid and you really got a glimpse of his personality. I wish there were more articles like that on other drivers as well.

  • Yes we got to see it in another question.

    I am still asking why that boy is still single. I just love everything about him. Crass, rude, or whatever he still has one of the most giving hearts in NASCAR and one who is always digging deeper into his own pocket for special charities.

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    It was interesting for sure, I saw in on Jayski's article links page and read it online.

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    Thanks for sharing! That was GREAT!

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