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when adjusting well water pressure do you first add the required air pressure first? ?

because i cant seem to get the water pressure to rise. i am currently stuck at a 20/40 pressure. i adjust the pressure switch and the pump trys to build up more pressure but wont, is this because of not having the required air pressure in first?


the pressure switch will go above 40 but the pump keeps running and doesnt gain any pressure so i dont want to leave it on when its not going to shut off.

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    The tank must be full of air to start with, as it fills with water the air will compress at the top of the tank. as the tank fills up your regulator should be adjusted to around 60 lbs. The air will push against the water so as to keep the pump from short cycling. As time goes by you will have to replace the air "boot" because the air will be absorbed into the water. the short cycling will let you know when. Water cannot be compressed so the air is like a giant rubber band.

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    Sounds like the pressure switch will not go above 40.


    if the pressure will not rise then the water has to be going some place. You must have a leak.


    Do you have a sprinkler system? That maybe where the leak is.

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