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What horror movies are based on true events besides...?

I used to be a very avid horror movie buff - but then i had my son and that love kinda went to the back burner. But on a rare date night , the hubby and i went to see Mirrors on Saturday and i enjoyed it. But I saw a preview for The Poughkeepsie tapes and it looks pretty interesting. I like movies that are based on true events that are freaky- the ones I know that are based on true stories that i have seen are : Texas Chainsaw, The Mothman Prophcies, The Exorcist etc. But I have NOT seen The Strangers nor the Exorcism of Emily Rose - are these good, scary movies? Let me know and any others you'd think I'd enjoy. So you know my 'style' the other horror movies I love are Halloween (all but parts 3 and 6), the grudge, the ring, scream


wow, a lot of answers already sweet! i have seen Amityville didn't scare me too much - Zodiac, I have to catch that one too - I forgot about that one.

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    emily rose was really good i thought. Zodiac is also a true story. So is From Hell. but i haven't seen that one. Amityville Horror is a good one too. (i like the new one better than the 70's one). that's all i can think of off the top of my head.

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    Top 10 Scariest Movies Let me give you a recap of the scariest movies ever made which are still honored to be among the top 10 blockbusters in the industry. The names are in no particular order. Grudge (2004) The Exorcist (1973) The Shining (1982) The Omen (1976) The Ring (1998) The Sixth Sense (1999) The Silence of The Lambs (1991) Seven (1995) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) Jacob's Ladder (1990) ** Tho everyone says Paranormal activity 2 was much better than the fist one **

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    Texas Chainsaw is NOT based on actual events. It was loosely inspired by Ed Gein's exploits. Very loosely. As in, Toby Hooper read about him at some point and decided to make a movie that wasn't about him, more or less.

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    I dont think its based on a true story but Stephen kings "Rose Red" freaked me and my wife out, we bought it and sold because we wont watch it again, its a long movie and doesnt get weird untill about 3/4 of the way to the end so dont give up half way through, my wife and I like scary movies but that was just crazy...give it a shot. have you seen "ring 2"?

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    The Exorcism of Emily Rose is pretty good

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    I don't really like horror movies but I liked The Exorcism of Emily Rose. You should watch it!

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    Amityville Horror was loosely based on a true story.

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    The Entity

    The Amittyville horror

    Mothman prophecy

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    the Exorcism of Emily Rose is good. It freaked me out. I had to watch it in the day light, it creeped me out so much.

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    The amityville horror is based on true events. =D I never saw it because I'd be too freaked out =(

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