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Chemistry Problem... Please Help...?

Hi, I have a chemistry problem..

Why is evaporation accompanied by cooling?



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    Evaporation is a change of state from liquid to gas. Liquids require heat to be added to them to change to a gaseous state. They get that heat from whatever they are in contact with. By removing heat from their surroundings, they in effect cool whatever they are in contact with.

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    this topic actually belongs to thermodynamics. Aka the study of heat motion. Since it is the study of motion, technically it is a branch of physics. However, thermodynamics is taught in chemistry, chemical engineering, physics, etc. So this question does belong here... cheers.

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    Because evaporation of a liqiud needs heat energy to change to gaseuos phase.

    So the liqiud takes heat energy from the surrounding causing cooling

    Example: when u come out of the swimming pool, u feel cold because the water on ur body absorbs heat energy from ur body to evaporate .

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    Evaporation is a process where the liquid is changing its phase from liquid to solid. This change of phase requires energy, exactly as the oppositee well known melting process - that requires heating.

    Therefor evaporation isaccompaniedd by cooling.

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  • Muslim
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    because liquids need energy (heat) to evaporate, thus it absorb this energy from the surface that it touches and cause cooling.

    I hope I understood your question well.


    and by the way this is physics question not chimestry :)

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    because heat is release during evaporation

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