On Y&R, how many times has Victor Newman been married?

And how many children does he have?

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    Albert Miller (father)

    Cora Miller (mother; deceased)


    Matt Miller (brother)


    Julia Newman Martin (divorced, 1977-1981)

    Nicole "Nikki" Reed Newman (divorced; first time, 1984-1988)

    Leanna Randolph (invalid, 1988)

    Ashley Abbott (divorced, 1990-1993)

    Hope Adams Wilson (divorced, 1994-1995)

    Diane Jenkins (divorced, 1997-1999)

    Nicole "Nikki" Reed Newman (invalid; second time, 1998-1999)

    Nicole "Nikki" Reed Newman (divorced; third time, 2002-2008)

    Sabrina Costelana (widowed; June 2008-Aug 2008)


    Eve Howard (lovers; deceased)

    Lorie Brooks (engaged)

    Jill Foster Abbott (affair)

    Cassandra Rawlins Carlton (affair; deceased)

    Ramona Caceres (affair)

    Tricia Dennison McNeil (she drugged and raped him)


    Victoria Nicole Newman McNeil Howard Carlton Hellstrom (daughter, with Nikki)

    Nicholas "Nick" Christian Newman (son, with Nikki)

    Victor “Vic” Adam Wilson (aka: Victor Adam Newman jr) (son, with Hope)

    Abigail "Abby" Abbott Carlton (daughter, with Ashley (artificial insemination))


    Cassidy "Cassie" Newman (granddaughter; adopted via Nick, deceased)

    Noah Christian Newman (grandson; via Nick with Sharon)

    Eve Nicole Howard (granddaughter; via Victoria with Cole, deceased)

    Summer Ann Newman (granddaughter; via Nick with Phyllis)

    Reed Hellstrom (grandson; via Victoria with JT)

    Pets : Zapato (Spanish for Shoe) (Victor's golden retriever)


  • Victor Newman has been married 9 times, but 3 of those times he was married to Nikki.....

    1. Nikki married 3 times

    2. Julia

    3. Ashley Abbott

    4.Leanna Love

    5. Hope Adams

    6. Diane Jenkins

    7. Sabrina Costelana

    Victor Newman's kids

    1. Victoria Nicole Newman

    2. Nicholas Christian Newman

    3. Victor Adam Newman JR.

    4. Abigail Carlton(his daughter through artificial insemination)

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    1. Julia 2. Nikki 3. Lorie (engaged but not married) 4. Leanna Love (but it was not legal as he was still married to Nikki) 5. Ashley Abbott 6. Hope Adams 7. Diane Jenkins 8. Nikki Reed Newman Abbott... 9. Sabrina 10. Ashley Abbott 11. Meggie 12. Sharon (eww).

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    Victor has been married 9 time altogether to 7 different women. He has 4 kids in total. Victoria (1982) and Nicholas (1988) with Nikki, Adam with Hope (1995) and Abby with Ashley (2000).

    Julia (early 80's)

    Nikki (1984)

    Leanna Love (1988)

    Ashley Abbott (1990)

    Hope (early 90's, 93 or 94)

    Diane (1997)

    Nikki (second time 1998)

    Nikki (third time 2002)

    Sabrina (2008)

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    He was never really married to Meggie, the marriage ceremony was a fake. But he was married to Ashley 2 times, Nikki 3 times, Diane 2 times, Hope, Sharon, Julia, and Sabrina. That makes at least 11 times.

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    Married Niki 3 times. Diane, Ashly and Hope. Nick, victoria, Adam and Abby for kids

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    Nikki-2 kids (married her 3x)

    Ashley-1 kid



    Hope-1 kid


    Source(s): I've been watching since I was 6 years old. I have a long history with Y &R
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    He's been married at least 10 times

    His childeren are

    Nick (nikki)

    Victoria (nikk)

    Abby - Ashey (sperm stealer)

    Adam (victor Jr) with Hope

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    Who's Victor Newman?

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    great answer anita m and gene2,i couldn't keep track of how many times vic's been married

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