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DTV Signals After Feb 2009?

In an attempt to set up my analog TV(s) for the upcoming switchover I have bought my alotment of A --> D converter boxes and a couple of new outdoor antennas.

I am trying to tune my antennas for best signal reception and have aimed them according to my street address and local NY metro broadcasters using antennaweb.org.

I still cannot reliably receive a couple of my major network affiliates, CBS, ABC AND most IMPORTANTLY PBS.

I have a couple of questions:

1. Come Feb 2009, will the broadcasters boost the power output of their digital signal? as they will no longer have to broadcast in analog?

2. Is there a NAB section where the NYC metro broadcasters publish their power output / transmitter locations so I can make sure to point the antenna(s) perfectly?

3. What other methods can I use on the receiving end to boost my digital signal received from a couple of outdoor antennas?

I am fiddling around NOW when the weather is GOOD.

Thanks for any / all answers...........

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    >Come Feb 2009, will the broadcasters boost the power output of their digital signal

    Some will. If you enter your location at http://www.tvfool.com/ you can print out charts with power levels for now and post 2/2009. Some stations will be switching their "real" channel # after the analog shutdown.

    >converter boxes and a couple of new outdoor antennas.

    Models of converter boxes and antennas, zip code, distance to tranmitters? What kind of analog reception do you get with the same antennas?

    Some converter boxes have better tuners than others. The Zenith/Insignia & Channel Master ones are highly thought of.

    If your converter box lets you enter the "real" or "RF" frequency of a digital station, get those numbers off of the tvfool charts. Try entering those "real" channel numbers directly into the converter and use the signal meter to adjust your antenna.

    You could try a good quality preamp on your antennas, but start with more basic things.

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    definite - you'll both get ideal reception, or none in any respect. regrettably, there is not any thanks to confirm which it will be until eventually you try. As with analog television, you may nicely be ready to help the mission with a much better antenna.

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