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Getting a license (car, motorcycle)?

In Toronto, how long does it take for a teenager to get their license? Do you have to be 15 or 16? At Drivers Ed, are you required to just take a written and then drive around with an adult for 6 months and then do the actual part of the exam where you drive around?

Also, is it possible to start getting a license to ride a motorcycle right after? Is it the same process as getting a license to drive a car?

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    For the drivers ed class, its like 300 bucks, you take both written and driving test, then get your permit if you pass. with a permit, you are only allowed to drive with an adult 18 and above for the first 6 months. afterwards, you have your regular licence. you have to be 16 for drivers ed. but you dont have to test further after your done with drivers ed. so basically, when your done with the 6 months of drivin around your set to go with your licence.

    as for a motorcycle licence, you have to have your regular licence first, not just a permit, the full thing. for the motorcycle test you hav to have your own motorcycle to test on , and take a written and riding test. if you pass, you have restrictions on your driving as no riding on the high way, after dark, ect.

    however, if you look up Harley Davidson Riders Edge, you can take this course which is 4 days, 12 hours total riding, and when you pass that you get benifits of your motorcycle endorsement, which means you dont have to take the riding part of the motorcycle test EVER, and 10% off insurance, and NO RESTRICTIONS what so ever.

    Have fun :D

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