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Was defense better in the 90s or Now? I also have somethin for the Kobe Jockers?

I still say the 90s... Handchecking goes a long way, and for the people who say there were no double or triple teams, you have to be retarded.. .because there were double and triples all the way back to Kareem, even further im sure... Jordan was doubled and tripled, and there were traps... Trap defenses were used alot throughtout the NBA, and comined with the allowance of Hand-Checking, Perimeter players had a hard time scoring... Zones were not legal, but they were used.. Certain plays start out one way, but then collapse into a zone as soon as someone penetrates..Thats been going on forever you cant ban that, its just a natural act...Also, there were waaaay better, tougher, smarter and stronger defenders in the 90s than there are now... Id rather be matched up against Ben Wallace than Dennis Rodman (Who was alot stronger than u may think) anyday.... If Jordan played today, he wouldve averaged about at least 40+ for a season...His highest PPG average was 37.1 and shooting 48%, and that was when Hand-Checking was allowed, The Jordan Rules were implemented ( which basically meant the other team sent everybody at Jordan and hacked away) and all of the best players were still in their prime, it was the 86-87 season...So, if Kobe can average 35 points shooting 45$ in one season WITH handchecking made illegal, Jordan would surprass that easily... For those who say well Kobe is a better shooter, you're wrong again... The highest number of 3pt shots attempted and made by Bryant was 180-516 in the 05-06 season, when he averaged the 35... That means he shot a not so good 35%...While Jordan, the highest amount of 3-pt shots he made in a made in a season was 111-260...Giving him a percentage of 43%... There was another year where Jordan once again made 111, but this time he attempted 297 which means he shot 37%... Still higher than Bryant... As far as Field Goal Percentage, Jordan is a career 49% shooter, while Bryant is a career 45% shooter... So for all you Kobe Jockers, where exactly is Kobe better than Mike at? Rebounding? The highest rebounding total kobe ever averaged was 6.9..Jordans highest? 8.0.. .Is Kobe better defensively? The highest amount of steals Kobe ever averaged was 2.2, with a career average of 1.5... The Highest amount Jordan ever averaged was 3.16, with a career average of 2.35... OH, maybe it was blocks per game? Kobe highest was just 1.0, and a career average of .5, Jordans higest was 1.6, with a career average of .8...Oh wait, maybe Kobe is a better passer than MJ, Even though I can flat out tell you I know this isnt true, Im gonna let the stats prove it for me... Kobe highest average was 6.0, with a career average of 4.6 apg... Jordans highest average was 8.0, with a career average of 5.3 apg...So wht now? I guess im gonna hear well Jordan never won without Pippen an Pippen won without Jordan blah blah blah... Last time I checked, IT takes a team to win championships right? Magic had Kareem, Larry had all his Hall of Famers, Russell had all his hall of famers, Pierce had KG and Allen, Duncan Had Robinson, and then Ginobili and Parker.. So how is it possible tht Jordan could have won without someone to take some of the pressure off of him? I dont recall Kobe winning anything without Shaq, he got kicked out of the first round and he had Lamar Odom!! Then, he gets Pau Gasol and still cant win a championship... Jordan never had an inside presence and he won 6... If Kobe is so much better than Jordan, then that should make up for the deficincies that Lamar Odom has, and make them a better combo than Jordan and Pippen right? Wrong... Kobes not better, Lamars not better, but Pau Gasol was a better inside scorer than any player Jordan played with... So why cant Kobe elevate his team to win? He runs the same offense... The same coach... Whats the problem?

Now, back to the defense, all you have to do is read this article...and it would prove that jordan would just murder today's defense...

“I think that ‘Jordan Rules’ defense, as much as anything else, played a part in the making of Michael Jordan,” said Tex Winter, who was an assistant coach for that Chicago team. The 1990 loss forced Jordan and the Bulls to find an answer to Detroit’s muscle.

“Those Jordan Rules were murder,” Winter explained. “The fact that we could win the next year even though they were playing that defense says everything about Jordan as a competitor. Any lesser player would have folded his tent.”

Jordan had to dig deeper to respond to the Pistons, and his effort pushed his Bulls to six championships over the next eight seasons.

The unfortunate footnote to this legacy is that under an interpretation of the rules adopted by the NBA last season, if Dumars were playing today he would not be allowed to guard Jordan so physically, or perhaps even guard him at all.

Today Dumars is the chief basketball executive of the team he once led as a player. He’s an honest man, which means he chooses his words carefully.



Asked in July if he could defend Jordan under today’s interpretation of the rules, Dumars first laughed, then offered a long pause before replying, “It would have been virtually impossible to defend Michael Jordan based on the way the game’s being called right now.”

If you wanna know any more about how defense now sucks, go here


and please end the debate about whose better kobe or mj and stop saying that defense today is better than it was then... Ok peace

Update 2:

Overrated.... You sound so stupid... I saw Jordan Play...And that one clothesline Kobe took doesnt even compare to thetimes the Knicks and Pistons tossed Jordan around.... Its obvous that YOU havent watched any jordan games because you would knw this... Rodmen kneed Jordan in the groin when he played for the Pistons and yet you say No one could touch Jordan? What Raja did to Kobe was just payback for Kobe elbowing Raja to get open, you would know this if u watch the video... Jordan getting attacked and elbowed was because that was what the Jordan Rules were... And get off the traps thing, teams were trapping in the 90s idiot... Stop Kobe jocking and realize that Jordan got trapped, triple teamed, hacked, and everything else...All you have to do is type in Jordan Rules to find out... I dont see Kobe having a defense set up specifically for him.. and just so you know, I played 3 years varsity in high school bro, so yea, all your points are invalid

Update 3:

Chuck Daly describing the Jordan Rules:

If Michael was at the point, we forced him left and doubled him. If he was on the left wing, we went immediately to a double team from the top. If he was on the right wing, we went to a slow double team. He could hurt you equally from either wing -- hell, he could hurt you from the hot-dog stand -- but we just wanted to vary the look. And if he was on the box, we doubled with a big guy.

The other rule was, any time he went by you, you had to nail him. If he was coming off a screen, nail him. We didn't want to be dirty -- I know some people thought we were -- but we had to make contact and be very physical.

Sounds like theres touching to me

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    Man the 90's was a way better defensive era than now.

    1.) Bruce Bowen - the best shooting guard defender was younger than and in his Miami days relied more on footwork and hand speed. But, he know has to rely on physicality and cheap shots. I still like him though.

    2.) Byron Russel - Great defender

    3.) John Stockton - Dirty great defender

    4.) Gary Payton - Best defensive guard of alltime

    5.) Eddie Jones - Was a very good defender in his heyday

    ....The center position was king in the 90's now the centers just plain blow.

    Hakeem Olajuwon

    Shaquille O'Neal

    Patrick Ewing

    A young, healthy Alonzo Mourning

    David Robinson

    A yound Dikembe Mutombo

    Rik Smits

    - All these guys were great defenders no centers now can hold their jock.

    - Scottie Pippen - Probably the greatest defensive SF of alltime he shutdown practically everybody.

    - The PF's:

    - Charles Barkely - at 6"9 had to guard players way taller than him did a nice job

    - Karl Malone - very physical great defender

    - Dennis Rodman - great defender

    - The 90's had the New York Knicks and the Miami Heat both these teams in this era were 2 of the best defensive teams of alltime teams literally were scared to play against them cause they were so physical. Both the Celtics and Spurs (2 best defensive teams now) are weaker defensively then the Knicks and Heat in the 90's Michael Jordan had to face both these teams in the season 4x and it was given because these teams were powerhouses they would meet in the playoffs so that would be a 6 game series. They likely met the Knicks or Heat 10 times in one year and the Bulls came out on top. Kobe would have trouble w/ either of these teams if the Celtics and Pistons shut him down in the Finals.

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    After the legends of the NBA retired in the late 80's early 90's, which played the greatest defense. It left the 90's with a watered down talent pool. Most of the players were set to retire or just beginning their careers in the 90's. Micheal Jordan didn't do anything in the 80's, if he was truly the greatest he would have proved himself during this era!

    Source(s): Didn't we have this discussion already?
  • lol Overratted..didn't i already make u feel stupid when u said Kobe ALWAYS had an above .500 record for his team? before u went and reported me? lol get of Kobe's nuttss!

    hahaha overratted, u want me 2 copy and paste it 4 u? lol cuz i can if u want.

    and the names not....nvm

    "Kobe has had sh!tty teams...remember Kwame?".....but Kobe still got above 500. and got to the playoff's and won more then 1 game....lol....MJ with Kwame could'nt do anything..AND MJ DRAFTED HIM!!!!..."

    hmmmmm.............u were saying? and if u want the LINK 2 that question...lol just ask

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    i didnt read ur article but im jst gonan say. stop comparing the new defense to the old defense. also, stop comparing kobe and jordan. im not sure if jordan could score 40 points if he lived in this era, he was used to handchecks, kobe could probably do that if he was used to the rules like that. people get used to stuff u know, me,,, i could join a sucky league for 2 years and im probably not gonna develop that much faster if i join a very tough league.

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    Word of advice. If you want to keep people's attention, don't write a so-called question that is 20 paragraphs long.

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    Your whole posts screams "IDIOT MJ JOCKER"...

    "So how is it possible that Jordan could have won without someone to take some of the pressure off of him?"...ummm...JORDAN NEVER WON ANYTHING WITHOUT PIPPEN THERE TO SAVE HIM!!!

    NEVER had a winning season without Pippen...

    NEVER won a playoff series without Pippen....

    NEVER made the all defensive team without Pippen...(Jordan's teams without Pippen were laughable stepping stones with NO defensive presence)

    Pippen is a top 50 alltime player...maybe the greatest defensive forward EVER!..not too mention one of the greatest allaround players ever!!!...Pippen did win WITHOUT MJ(something MJ never did)...Pippen made the all defensive team WITHOUT MJ.....Pippen won ton's of playoff series WITHOUT MJ.....you are Jordan Jocker..lol

    Players on the Bulls who were allstars without playing with Jordan -





    Rodman(DPOY , Allstar , and 2X NBA Champion without MJ...lol..in fact his pistons destroyed the Bulls)

    that's 5 players MJ had on his teams that were allstars without Him...who made who again? Lamar has NEVER been an Allstar despite playing without Kobe for most of his career.

    Let's recap..6 titles in 15 years....never won until his team became stacked with talent and the great teams from the 80's dismantled!....that's not elevating your team , that's getting David Stern and Nike to help you win...lol


    now let's look at your lame argument....

    "Defense was better in the 90's then it is today".....lol...

    Joe Dumars was 6'2"....the Piston's NEVER once knocked MJ to the ground.(like Raja did Kobe)...if they did then find video..YOU CAN'T because it does'nt exist.....MJ was babied by the ref's and David stern!

    if you watched MJ play you would know this.....if anyone EVER fouled MJ hard David Stern would have banned them from the league.....MJ got every call and special treatment...like when David Stern MOVED the 3PT line in, so MJ could shoot better!!!....

    "Hand Checking is harder to score on"...If you played basketball (wich I doubt) then you would know that one person with a stiff arm on you is easier to score on then trying to break the zone or split a trap!..that's why the NBA AS A WHOLE has been steadily dropping in FG% since the mid 90's......MJ going one on one vs Craig Ehlo or 6'2" Joey D is much easier to score on!..in fact just imagine Kobe against some of the so called great defenders from MJ's era...lmao....Kobe would have broke Wilt's record by now....Kobe vs Larry Bird..lol..Kobe vs John Starks..lmao......Kobe vs Joey D (6'2")...rofl.....Kobe vs Byron Russell....kofl.....kobe vs terry Porter...Haahhh..hahhh...hhaahhhhhhhhhhh...

    grab your space jam doll and get in my pocket!



    Certificate - I never said Kobe has alway's had an above 500. record...I said he has had 3 winning season's without Shaq....Mj had 5 Losing season's without Pippen...lol....

    and I have never reported anyone ever...sorry....you lose again.


    Poor Mj.....he had to face a double team from the Pistons....

    was this>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ps73qikdApU

    Youtube thumbnail

    part of bieng tossed around also?.....

    still waiting on the video of MJ getting thrown to the ground.....




    "Kobe has had sh!tty teams...remember Kwame?".....but Kobe still got above 500. and got to the playoff's and won more then 1 game....lol....MJ with Kwame could'nt do anything..AND MJ DRAFTED HIM!!!!...".....

    Los Angeles Lakers 2005 - 06 record 45 - 37 ABOVE 500.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....Kobe won with Kwame......

    Los Angeles Lakers 2006 - 07 record 42 - 40 ABOVE 500. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....Kobe won with Kwame!!!!

    That is what I said..........


    2EZ!......idiot MJ Jocker.

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