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一篇eng 嘅book report 急急急急~~~~~


1.My Brother Berbadette

2.Hoe to Survive Summer Camp

要有writter,no. of pages,內容,意見

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    My Brother Bernadette

    Author: Jacqueline Wilson

    No. of pages: 48

    Content: Sara tries to take care of her younger brother when he is teased and called Bernadette at summer camp, but he finds an activity that he enjoys and that gives him the chance to shed his new nickname for good.

    Comments: This book is simple, the flow is very clear. Overall a very amusing book.

    How to Survivie Summer Camp

    Author: Jacqueline Wilson

    No. of pages: 176

    Content: Kelly Hunter ably narrates this story of a girl's first extended time away from home. She demonstrates versatility, portraying the summer campers, counselors, and headmaster with energy and drama. Confusion reigns when all the campers talk in quick succession, but a roomful of chattering girls can be a challenge to sort out! Hunter's finest moment takes place during the hysteria of the youngest camper's stuffed animal falling into the pond. Hunter's British accent adds style to the production, befitting spoiled, wealthy campers and the posh camp setting. Although the story is sad in spots, the children eventually bond and support each other in their loneliness.

    Comments: This book is funny and interesting, good in capturing teenager's mindset.

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