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    As you enter into the the people constellation , can smell light fragrance at once. While going upstairs, all lay out the mural painting in the corner. Several about 6-7 rooms, each characteristic of having nothing in common with each other, but the common characteristic is that each one is the boss' energies . And then, I want to recommend several more special rooms. First 519, there are swings in the balcony , stick the stars of the luminous modelling on the wall in the room, the romantic atmosphere suits the lover very much. Second 214, the lovely suite of the cartoon wind, has occupied babies inside, in addition, the luminous plane which the boss pieced together in the roof in person, turn off the light , as shuttling back and forth in the Milk Way generally, the feeling of children's interesting is very suitable for the photograph of the whole family. The most special one is 520VIP suite, enter in the room and see the massage bathtub oversize at once , concealed and sheer, and still enclose the sofa of massage chair , L type, even bed uses the ultra soft mattress. The balcony outside the room uses the wooden seat daylighting to add very much, beautiful scenery, still can see that collect and collect the mini train , luxurious comfortable room, is it is it is it it writes to be relatively friend of room rate also to spend holidays leisurely to want to suitable for very among being.

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    When once you enter into inside in the hostel, can smell light aroma right away.Turn corn to all put mural while going upstairs.The building number is about 6-7, each each have a different special feature, but a little bit same is each ones are the owners' strenuous efforts.Connect down, I want to recommend several more special rooms.The first 519, establish a swing in the veranda, post on the wall in the room full the stars of luminous shape, the romantic atmosphere suits lovers very much.The second 214, the lovely suite of card airiness, in putting full doll, plus an owner to put together to post in the house roof in person of luminous airplane, on turning off a light, like wear shuttle in the Milky Way generally, kid interest of the feeling suit whole family blessing very much.The 520 VIP is most special suite, on entering building to immediately see super and big massage bathtub, the hidden is hundred percent, and return the sofa of fish-eye massage chair, L type, even the bed is to use a super and soft mattress.The veranda usage wood out of the building makes to adopt light to add very much by chair, scenery beautiful, can also see small train in Ji-ji, is a luxurious and comfortable room, very fit want to be leisurely and carefree to spend a holiday again not record compare the friend of building price.

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    001號回答者很明顯你翻錯了= ="

    你一定是用翻譯機 甚至是用網頁翻譯......


    之後又是YOU AS SOON AS....第一句就可以這樣吐槽到不行....

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    In when you as soon as enter to the people sleep, can scent the light

    fragrance immediately. When goes upstairs, the corner all displaysthe mural. Room number about 6-7, each respectively has the differentcharacteristic, but the same spot is each all is boss's painstaking

    care. Receives, I must recommend several quite special rooms. First between 519, was equipped with the swing in the balcony, in on

    the room wall pastes has filled the night light modelling star, the

    romantic atmosphere extremely suited the lover. Second 214, the card well ventilated lovable anteroom, inside thependulum has filled the baby, in addition boss personally putstogether the night light airplane in the roof which pastes, as soon as closes the lamp, has like the shuttle to be ordinary in the Milky Way, Tong Ch'u feeling suits the family photo very much. Specialest is the 520VIP anteroom, as soon as enters in the room to see immediately the ultra big massage bathtub, the secret is full, moreover also attaches massages the chair, the L sofa, the bed also uses the ultra soft mattress. Balcony use wooden chair natural lighting outside the room extremely adds, fine scenery, but also can see the Jiji small train, is between the luxurious comfortable room, very suitablly wants the friend which. 我是以每一個句點去翻的 所以 如果有看到比較多的空格那就是一句一句的 不知道這樣子行不行 如果不懂的話 可到我伊媚兒〈〉

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