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paypal 從美國轉帳到台灣


我想請問各位,如果要透過paypal的話 大概程序會是怎樣


How about the fee charge?

I mean money exchange fee and transaction fee.

Update 2:

compare with wire money from bank to bank, which one is cheaper?

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    1. 先上PayPal官網申請帳戶(美國個人帳戶)

    2. 再將美國銀行帳戶資料登錄在PayPal美國個人帳戶內並通過驗證.

    3. 然後再上PayPal官網另外申請帳戶(台灣個人帳戶)

    4. 接著將台灣銀行的帳戶資料登錄在PayPal台灣個人帳戶內.

    以上的架構都完成後, 操做步驟如下:

    1. 登錄至PayPal美國個人帳戶內 "Send Money"至台灣的個人帳戶. PayPal美國個人帳戶會自動自您登錄的美國銀行帳戶取(扣)款.

    2. PayPal台灣個人帳戶收到匯入款之後, 錢會先存放在PayPal帳戶內. 可以點選"Withdraw"將錢提領匯入所登錄的台灣銀行帳戶.

    所有動作都是在網路上操作, 錢最後會以台幣的形式儲存在台灣的銀行帳戶.


    2008-08-28 07:01:17 補充:

    Transferring CASH between PERSONAL accounts is FREE charged of transaction.

    2008-08-28 07:01:28 補充:

    Withdrawing from PayPal into Taiwanese bank account occurs 2.5% transaction fee of currency exchange which is deducted automatically through exchange rate.

    2008-08-28 07:01:36 補充:

    The withdrawing amount under NT$5000 will be charged NT$35 of each transaction, free charge of each transaction amount above NT$5000.

    2008-08-29 20:32:26 補充:

    Which one is cheaper? It depends on how much wiring transfer amount. Banking wire transfer charges service fee, if you transfer small amount each time, Paypal is cheaper surely.

    Source(s): PayPal 專家
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    用 paypal 轉帳 的匯差至少是 2.5~3.5%比較貴

    工作天數約 5~7天

    透過銀行轉比較便宜 ,但是前提是金額在 US 500以上較划算

  • 1 decade ago

    你用paypal匯錢變成台幣的話, 中間匯率會損失很多阿..

    不是你一般查詢到的匯率喔, paypal有自己的匯率...


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