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關於奧運(有點英文程度在進來)20點 急~~~


2.你給的每一項或選其中一項進行介紹(要英文 或 中英文都有)


很急 拜託

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    1. archery 射箭

    2. swimming 游泳

    3. synchronized swimming: 水上芭蕾

    4. cycling 自由車

    5. track and field 田徑

    6. baseball 棒球

    7. basketball 籃球

    8. weight lifting 舉重

    9. wresting 摔角

    10. tennis 網球

    synchronized swimming 水上芭蕾

    - it is a sport in which a group of swimers make graceful dance-like movements in the water at the same time


    track and field 田徑

    - a particular group of competitive sports, including rnning, jumping and throwing

    一群特殊的競爭性運動, 包括賽跑, 跳遠及丟鉛球等

    Source(s): 我+ 奇摩新聞
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